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DBXDestination Baghdad Expo (trade show; Iraq)
DBXData Bus Accelerator
DBXDynamic Branch Experience (Getronics)
DBXDebugger for Unix
DBXDigital Private Branch Exchange
DBXDavid Brockie Experience
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Stratix IV devices provide the ideal solution for the ever-increasing demands for FPGA-based processing power, while enabling XtremeData to easily and cost-effectively evolve the system performance of their dbX family.
An Aston Martin DBX crossover car - the company has said no decision has been made to produce the car in Wales
A CGI of Aston Martin's DBX concept car unveiled this year <B
The Tasluja International Exhibition Ground hosts the fifth DBX Kurdistan Trade Fair from November 11-14.
Many commercial contracts are expected to be signed between local and foreign companies within the framework of the DBX Fair.
The UCB-1 (NELL-1) protein is currently utilized with a carrier (scaffold) of DBX demineralized bone matrix which is produced by the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF).
Harman Pro Group companies include AKG Acoustics, BSS Audio, Crown International, dbx, DigiTech, JBL Professional, Lexicon, Soundcraft, and Studer.
After an infected file is launched the worm registers itself in the Windows system registry's start-up directory and scans the system for files of the WAB (Windows Address Book) and DBX formats and sends out its copies to e-mail addresses found there.
Eatontown, NJ, and the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF), Edison, NJ announced they have settled a patent lawsuit regarding MTF's DBX tissue form and entered into a new long-term processing agreement.
The EIA's proposal is in accordance with the earlier unanimous vote by the association's Broadcast Television Systems Committee, which recommended dbx Incorporated's companding (noise-reduction) system in conjunction with Zenith's transmission system.
These distributions represent DBX Strategic Advisors' estimate of the amount by which each of the db-X Target Date Funds' income exceeded its expenses in 2012.
Aston Martin had been exploring a 22-acre area at Browns Lane, in Allesley, as a potential base to manufacture its new DBX crossover.