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DBYDerbyshire (County of Derby, England)
DBYDevil Beside You (Taiwanese drama)
DBYDay Before Yesterday
DBYDiscourses of Brigham Young (1926 book by John A. Widtsoe)
DBYDeath Becomes You (movie)
DBYDead/H Box 3, Y-Linked
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Hybrids between established EC lines (DBY x XB and DBY x wild Mobjack Bay) also did better than controls, except DMO in Wachapreague.
In our study, the DBY line had been under selection for two additional generations ([F.
This region contains single copies of DFFRY (USP9Y) and DBY (DDX3Y) genes.
This cohort was produced by crossing the DBLA line, which was a Go of DBY, with naive Louisiana broodstock (Table 1).
Interestingly, cohorts used in her study were the same as those used in ours (derived from the same spawns), with the diploid DBY Eastern oyster referred to here as cohort A and the triploid Eastern oyster referred to here as cohort D.
Tenders are invited for Repairs to leaky roof (a)At MJN, Til, MRG, RPY, DBY & LLO :- Repairs to colonies and station approach roads and drain (Road = 3319 Rm with side drain), (b) TSK, MJN, DBY, PWA, MRG, BGLI and LLO :-Repairs to leaky roof to Qtrs with replacement of damaged AC / CGI sheet by precoated galvanized iron profile sheet, within jurisdiction of SSE / W /TSK.
DBY Interactive present the fictional mystery surrounding the murder of four young, blonde women in Liverpool in 1983.
The grisly experience has been dreamed up by DBY Interactive, the same team who memorably brought The Creep to New Brighton's Fort Perch Rock on Hallowe'ens past.
IVERPOOL'S St George's Hall is joining forces with DBY Interactive this year to host two murder mystery dining experiences.
Designed as a one-piece twist-on wire connector, it is the first all-in-one solution for connections specifying waterproof and corrosion proof tracer splices, eliminating multi-step products DBYs, tape, mastics and epoxy packs.