DBYCDiscovery Bay Yacht Club
DBYCDeep Bay Yacht Club
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On a separate note, the company is very pleased to announce that DBYC has completed its two years of separate company-based audits and accordingly will continue the process, as previously announced in its June press release, of applying for the listing status of DBYC as a Bulletin Board listed company.
However, the SEC had announced that trading in the DBYC security was temporarily suspended for ten business days, commencing on March 13, 2008.
For DBYC to be trading again on the "Pink Sheets" instead of the current status of the "Grey" market, DBYC is required to file a form 211 through a Market Maker, and although PINK Sheets listing does not require two full years of audits, the company will be submitting the form 211 with two full years of audited financial statements "FINRA" among other data through a designated Market Maker.
Effective March 28, 2008, the Corporation's common stock resumed trading under its previous symbol DBYC.
The SEC is implying that DBYC is one of the companies that (quote) usurped the identity of defunct or inactive publicly-traded corporations using a tactic known as corporate hijacking.