DBUSData Bus
DBusDiagnostic Bus (Cisco)
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Chiu noted that after the inauguration of cross-Taiwan currency clearance mechanism, DBUs can use renminbi to carry out all foreign-currency businesses.
72-106), and a complete and clear black-and-white facsimile edition of the original dbu can manuscript held by the library of Otani University (pp.
He quotes a complex passage on the sub-classification of Zhang zhung sgo, phug, and bar (its gate, inner and intermediate parts), again, into three each: g-yas, g-yon, and dbus (right, left and center).
spyi nor gong sa skyabs mgon chen po mchog gyis bod kyi chos srid zung 'brel skor bgro gleng tshogs chen thengs dang po'i dbu 'byed mdzad sgor bstsal ba'i bka' slob," nor mdzod 1 (2001), 1-25.
It is also noted in Kah thog Si tu Chos kyi rgya mtsho (1880-1925), Gangs ljongs dbus gtsang gnas bskor lam yig nor bu zla shel gyi se mo do Can Account of a Pilgrimage to Central Tibet During the Years 1918 to 1920] (Tashijong: The Sungrab Nyamso Gyunphel Parkhang Tibetan Craft Community, 1972), 50, and Dkon mchog phel rgyal (1987: 68).
In addition to OBUs and DBUs, the FSC is planning to promote the development of OSUs (offshore securities units) and OIUs (offshore insurance units), hoping to integrate them into OFUs (offshore financial units) in the future.
At Deutsche Bank, Mercator will be used as the key integration broker technology to integrate its FMMS applications, including Oracle databases, MQ Series for message transport and DBUS for commercial external messaging, along with Fastwire, IMX and GMX.
1: dkon mchog gsum legs par mchod pa'i sbyin bdag / sku zhang chen po kung dga' don grub kyis / dbus gtsang gi sa cha na yod pa'i yig mkhan gang mkhas mkhas rnams mkhas btus su spyan drangs te / lung dang rigs pa smra ba'i dge ba'i bshes gnyen sakya seng ge dang / dar ma byang chub dang / zhon [sic] nu 'phel rnams kyis zhal ta legs par bgyis te /.
1 device, a multi-channel TDM bus, and a 32-bit parallel expansion bus that supports Car dBus, PCMCIA and mini-PCI.
Insiders said that the bilateral currency settlement agreement, once signed, will allow DBUs of Taiwanese banks to handle renminbi (RMB)-based financial services, including deposits, lending, remittance, foreign-currency check, investment & wealth management etc.
Once Taiwan and China sign the currency settlement agreement, the DBUs of Taiwanese banks can then handle renminbi (RMB)-based financial services.
Via the arrangement, DBUs can directly undertake renminbi-related businesses, including deposit and remittance.