DC-3Destiny's Child (band)
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Evans owns a second 1941 Eastern Airlines DC-3 that was later used by the Brooklyn Dodgers and a 1939 DC-3 built for Penn Central Airlines.
Evans and an Air Force captain were in the DC-3 at the Edwards runway's midway point - because the plane doesn't need the runway's full 15,000 feet length to take off - as the shuttle and its 747 waited at the far end.
color) A Douglas DC-3 airliner built in 1941 is being used at the Air Force Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base to train students in aircraft unlike any they have ever known.
Tomorrow the DC-3 will take- off with local residents to benefit the "Eagles Fly for Leukemia.
Peanuts Fares are really a step back in time to the kind of simple, point-to-point service that was common fifty years ago when the DC-3 ruled the skies.