DC-DCDirect Current to Direct Current (power conversion)
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This technique enabled the identification of switching noise jitter as a dominant factor in chaotic noise problems of switched mode DC-DC converters and led to the systematic development of a new class of function- the switching noise jitter conditioner.
Rise in the number of satellite constellations is a major factor driving the DC-DC converters market for space globally''
Gules, "Isolated DC-DC converters with high-output voltage for TWTA telecommunication satellite applications", IEEE Trans.
The LTR2xxx family of DC-DC Converters are functionally similar to the LTC3440 Synchronous Buck-Boost DC-DC Converters from Linear Technology (NASDAQ:LLTC) , giving SoC designers the ability to integrate power management into their SoCs to improve system performance and extend battery life while reducing overall cost and PCB area.
the PYB10 Series, electromechanical, DC/DC, Encapsulated, Isolated, Dual Output, Single Output, or Encapsulated DC-DC Converters, as well as access to the world's largest available-to-sell inventory, visit www.
UNTERPREMSTAETTEN, Austria -- austriamicrosystems (SIX: AMS), a leading global designer and manufacturer of high-performance analog ICs, has introduced the AS1310, an ultra low quiescent current hysteretic step-up DC-DC converter optimized for light loads (60mA) and the highest efficiency -- up to 92 %.
The brick DC-DC converter heat sinks offer a range of fin patterns, directions and profiles to match different height and weight restrictions and airflow patterns.
The FAN4603 micro-module DC-DC buck solution, unlike a traditional switching DC-DC implementation, integrates the passive components and the DC-DC regulator into a single 'solder-and-play' module.
This research service cover the world DC-DC converter market covering different power range of converters such as low power, medium power and high power DC-DC converters.
In order to supply multiple voltages, multiple external inductors were required in a conventional DC-DC converter, but a SIMO DC-DC converter needs only one external inductor.
The book provides an in-depth presentation of topologies of PWM DC-DC power converters, voltage- and current-mode control of PWM DC-DC power converters, considers power losses in all components, device stresses, output voltage ripple, converter efficiency and power factor correction (PFC).
These cost-effective and energy- and space-efficient DC-DC converters enable input power flexibility for board designers while providing a common building block that can support multiple sockets.