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DC3Douglas DC3 (airliner)
DC3Device Control Three (or XOFF)
DC3Deep Convective Clouds and Chemistry (National Center for Atmospheric Research; Boulder, CO)
DC3Dynamic Chassis Control Concept
DC3Destiny's Child
DC3DoD (Department of Defense) Cyber Crime Center (US DoD)
DC3Damage Controlman Third Class (Naval Rating)
DC3Discovery Channel Cranium Covers
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From Table 12, we can observe that cost reduction trend increases more rapidly under [[pi].sub.2] = {[LC.sub.D], DC1, DC3, DC2}.
DC3 established this program to address specific skills the Department of Defense identified as crucial for specialists to possess in the high-stakes professions of cyber security and digital forensics.
In 1939 90% of world airline passengers flew in DC3s.
As Data Centres of this scale command the highest level of service Node4 chose to equip the four data halls in their Wakefield DC3 with a total of 450 Rittal TS 8 Racks.
Grant flew King Abdul Aziz in a Douglas DC3 plane that was given to the Kingdom's founder by US President Franklin D.
Row nine, SHSN Pio, CSSN Forgue, BMSN Chan, SHSN Burnham, SKSN Cannon Row ten- DC3 Queen, DC3 Perez, FC3 Carmichael, CSSN Pecina, and GSM3 Huddleston
DANIEL and Olga shot the scene where they freefall out of a DC3 at Bodyflight, the world's largest skydiving wind tunnel in Bedford.
When Bond and Camille freefall out of a DC3 aircraft over the Bolivian desert, the stunt was performed by Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko closer to home, at a wind tunnel facility called Body-flight in Bedford.
Only a Dakota DC3 was allowed to take off, while the Hurricane and Spitfire stayed behind in Kidderminster.
Steelwork is being put up for the construction of DC3 in Campbell Road, a 380,000 sq ft distribution unit on ProLogis Park Stoke, which is expected to be ready by July.