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DC3Device Control Three (or XOFF)
DC3Destiny's Child
DC3DoD Cyber Crime Center
DC3Damage Controlman Third Class (Naval Rating)
DC3Discovery Channel Cranium Covers
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We are delighted to have attracted someone of Olga's caliber and we look forward to working with her and the DC3 team to grow creative sector jobs in the city," said Sabrina Keeley, chief operating officer of Business Leaders for Michigan.
Built in 1944, the DC3 is the first-ever commercial aircraft, flying the DC3 meant that KLM led the way in modern European aviation, offering customers comfort on board and reliable flights in Europe, the Far East and beyond.
The DC3 sets standards for digital evidence processing, analysis and diagnostics for any Department of Defense (DOD) investigation that requires computer forensic support to detect enhance or recover digital media, including audio and video.
DC3 established this program to address specific skills the Department of Defense identified as crucial for specialists to possess in the high-stakes professions of cyber security and digital forensics.
The Douglas DC3 was the World War II workhorse, it was the aircraft that made air travel popular and profitable; the greatest aeroplane of its time.
Due to their rapidly growing customer base they opened a new Data Centre, DC3, in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, in July of this year, which they chose to equip with Rittal TS 8 racks and to maximise their cooling utilised the Rittal Cold Aisle Containment System.
There is also good interest in its sister unit DC3 of 237,000 sq ft.
Grant flew King Abdul Aziz in a Douglas DC3 plane that was given to the Kingdom's founder by US President Franklin D.
Row nine, SHSN Pio, CSSN Forgue, BMSN Chan, SHSN Burnham, SKSN Cannon Row ten- DC3 Queen, DC3 Perez, FC3 Carmichael, CSSN Pecina, and GSM3 Huddleston
Interestingly, half of the world's population lives within a five hour flight of Hong Kong, which could explain why the two former World War II pilots who started off Cathay Pacific in 1946 with just two DC3 aircraft were, unwittingly, on to a good thing.
Edward Talbot was on a reconnaissance mission against Communist terrorists with two crew members and nine passengers when his DC3 Dakota hit a hill.
When Bond and Camille freefall out of a DC3 aircraft over the Bolivian desert, the stunt was performed by Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko closer to home, at a wind tunnel facility called Body-flight in Bedford.