DCA2Dynamic Cache Architecture Level 2
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Some environmental variables were, however, most strongly correlated with the DCA axes obtained for qualitative data ([R.sub.1]), for example, BPI (DCA1) and sediment sorting (DCA2), while other variables were most strongly correlated with DCA axes obtained with intermediate weighting of abundance ([R.sub.32]), for example, depth and sediment kurtosis (DCA1), and the northing component of the direction of the bottom current and TOC (DCA2).
Crest sites 5 and 6 made up the negative end of the secondary coenocline (DCA2).
Species richness increased from the upper left (negative DCA1, positive DCA2) to the lower right (positive DCA1, negative DCA2) in the ordination diagram (Figure 7(b)).
The second axis showed a response to tree age and percent clay and coarse sand in soils (DCA2 = 150.1 - 0.6 TRAGE + 10.4 CL - 2.9 CS).