DCABDisability and Communication Access Board (Hawaii Department of Health)
DCABDietary Cation-Anion Balance (food production)
DCABDigital Cable (broadcast/new media platform)
DCABDiplomatic Correspondents Association, Bangladesh (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
DCABDevon County Association for the Blind (Topsham, Exeter, England, UK)
DCABDiavik Communities Advisory Board (Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada)
DCABDandenong Community Advisory Bureau (Australia)
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The DCAB was placed before Parliament in 2008 and currently is considered the more likely of the two proposals to pass.
If DCAB is preferred, then monitor urine pH weekly and ensure you've someone prepared to take responsibility for the programme's implementation and control, be extremely cautious if you are feeding any grass silage at all.
Riptide is a holding company controlled by the Fund that owned various equity, debt and other economic interests in Big Apple, London Bridge and DCAB Entertainment Partners, LLC and various entities related to these companies.
Annette Piecha member of the German Therapy Activists Network DCAB HIV and the European AIDS Treatment Group explains.
Phase II of the project will see the system extended into an extranet allowing on-line collaboration with DCAB clients, designers, suppliers, contractors and approving authorities.