DCABDouble Cabin
DCABDisability and Communication Access Board (Hawaii Department of Health)
DCABDietary Cation-Anion Balance (food production)
DCABDandenong Community Advisory Bureau (Australia)
DCABDigital Cable (broadcast/new media platform)
DCABDiplomatic Correspondents Association, Bangladesh (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
DCABDevon County Association for the Blind (Topsham, Exeter, England, UK)
DCABDiavik Communities Advisory Board (Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada)
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The DCAB Executive Committee met the foreign minister as part of the annual call on.
IMC Sexo Masculino Peso - media (DP) 58,37 [+ or -] 7,75 Estatura - media (DP) 1,69 [+ or -] 0,08 IMC - mediana (IQ) 18,95 (18,36-19,79) DCTR - mediana (IQ) 6,50 (6-7) DCSE - media (DP) 8,25 [+ or -] 1,44 DCPE - mediana (IQ) 6 (5-9) DCAM - media (DP) 7,50 [+ or -] 1,46 DCSI - mediana (IQ) 6,5 (6-8) DCAB - media (DP) 11,12 [+ or -] 3,24 DCCM - media (DP) 16,94 [+ or -] 3,82 Circ.
(24) In 1484 it is recorded in DCAB as having been performed 'predicta prout consuetum fuerat in Naui dicte ecclesia [as has been customary in the nave of the said church]'.
As dobras cutaneas DCT, DCSE, DCSI, DCAM, DCPT, DCCM, DCAB foram mensuradas tres vezes com adipometro (Lange[R], Beta Technology Incorporated, Cambridge, EUA) com precisao de 0,1 mm, no lado direito, considerando como resultado final a media aritmetica das medidas.
Milk fever is a metabolic disorder which can be prevented by adopting appropriate nutritional practices such as low calcium and low DCAB diets pre-partum and supplementing calcium rich diets and negative DCAB diets post partum.
Despite the considerable overlap of the MDRB, the DCAB, and Schedule M-III, the Department of Science and Technology and the MOH continue to promote their own proposals.
If DCAB is preferred, then monitor urine pH weekly and ensure you've someone prepared to take responsibility for the programme's implementation and control, be extremely cautious if you are feeding any grass silage at all.
A avaliacao antropometrica foi composta por medidas de massa corporal total (MCT), estatura total (ESTT), dobra cutanea tricipital (DCT), subescapular (DCSE), supra iliaca (DCSI), axilar media (DCAM), peitoral (DCPT), coxa medial (DCCM), abdominal (DCAB).
Os dados antropometricos foram compostos por: peso, altura, IMC, circunferencia da cintura (CC) e circunferencia do quadril (CQ), dobras cutaneas tricipitais (DCT), abdominal (DCAB), coxa medial (DCCM).
O trabalho foi desenvolvido na casa de vegetacao pertencente ao Departamento de Ciencias Agrarias e Biologicas (DCAB), do Centro Universitario Norte do Espirito Santo (CEUNES), pertencente a Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo (UFES).
Prefontaine was addressing members of the Diplomatic Correspondents Association Bangladesh (DCAB) at the auditorium of Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS) with DCAB president Rahid Ejaj in the chair.