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DCAGDunblane Cathedral Arts Guild (UK)
DCAGDC Argo Group (Kazakhstan)
DCAGDemag Cranes, AG (Germany)
DCAGDaimlerChrysler Aktiengesellschaft
DCAGDeputy Carrier Air Group Commander
DCAGData Center Assistance Group, Inc. (Flushing, NY)
DCAGData Collection and Analysis Group
DCAGDepartmental Cost Allowance Guide
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The confirmation from DCAG regarding the steps we had taken and our fuel calculations made me comfortable, making it easier to fly a nice pass.
Plaintiffs argued that DCAG had sufficient contacts with California to warrant general jurisdiction by virtue of its wholly owned subsidiary, Mercedes-Benz United States, LLC (MBUSA).
After the jurisdictional discovery was complete, the district court confirmed its tentative ruling that the court lacked general jurisdiction over DCAG and granted DCAG's motion to dismiss.
After attempting to serve process at one of DCAG's headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, Plaintiffs attempted to serve DCAG in Michigan.
Deeming the "specific" brand of personal jurisdiction irrelevant here, the Court conducted the two-prong test for "general" jurisdiction in which (Plaintiffs demonstrate that) the DCAG possessed requisite contacts with the forum and the exercise of that jurisdiction is fair and reasonable (with the burden on Defendant DCAG to show the exercise is unreasonable).
DCAG was set up to defend the common land in the centre of the racecourse, and its environs, and chairman Dave Shaw said: "No consideration has gone into the public rights of way and disabled access.
I was lucky the worst thing was DCAG had to fly longer than planned.
DCAG is confident that this two-step solution will resolve the problem.
DCAG has no control of the products' ultimate destinations within the U.
Here, the Plaintiffs argue that district court should have attributed the continuous and systematic contacts of MBUSA to its parent company DCAG.
During the man-up, I briefed our DCAG on various emergencies in the plane, particularly how he would egress in case we had to ditch or bail out.
Switching up tower, we checked in and DCAG gave paddles our approach speed, which I had calculated off the top of my head.