DCALDepartment of Culture, Arts and Leisure (UK)
DCALDeafness Cognition and Language Research Centre (University College London; UK)
DCALDetroit Community AIDS Library
DCALDartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (Dartmouth College; Hanover, NH)
DCALDry Cleaning and Laundry
DCALDaniel Chan Associates Ltd. (Hong Kong)
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Calibrator Mismatch Uncertainty is obtained using the published figure for DCAL and calculating the value DSNSR from the SWR specification on the datasheet for the Boonton 56518 sensor.
The discrimination inherent in referring to "the Ulster-Scots language" was arguably the clearest instance raised at a DCAL equality seminar held on 9 September 2004, since, unlike differences between the treatment of Irish- and Scots-speakers, it occurs independently of provision.
DCAL for Delphi offers a modern, more accessible development environment, plus access to Data CAD 11's double- precision database, new function calls, real-time debugging, and improved performance.
It's believed DCAL wants one of two new external members to chair meetings to discuss how the pounds 8m would be spent and that the appointment must be advertised and given to an expert in marketing and commercial fields.
Boyce will now write to DCAL to tell them of the result of the EGM with an announcement expected to be delayed within the next few weeks.
It added: "In the committee's opinion this was the first of many instances at which DCAL appeared to be asleep at the wheel.
Should DCAL officials believe the information received in the PEDU investigation is vastly different to the IFA's, funding will be blocked.
DCAL officials are also entering into discussions with Belfast City Council with a view to building on this training budget to maximise the opportunities offered by Social Clauses in projects across the city
DCAL Minister Carl N Chuiln said: I believe that the three jurisdictions have many areas of common interest and have jointly made a strong case for change to the BBC.
Thanks to the funding from DCAL, the city now has the means of production.
I think it's been made very clear by DCAL that they want me out so if the minister wants my head on the chopping back to release funds, that's what I'll give him.