DCAMdigital camera
DCAMDivision of Capital Asset Management (Massachusetts)
DCAMDeep Cameo (coins)
DCAMDMLSS (Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support) Customer Assistance Module
DCAMDirect Chip Attach Module
DCAMDynamic Computer Aided Machining (machine tool co-processor used in manufacturing)
DCAMDialysis Crystallization Apparatus for Microgravity
DCAMDiscrete Component Analogue Modelling (software synthesis)
DCAMDynamic Content Associative Memory
DCAMDynamic Contact Angle Measurement (experiment)
DCAMDynamic Capability Assessment Model (software package)
DCAMDépartement Conception et Assistance Multimédia (French: Design and Multimedia Support Department)
DCAMDiversité des Expressions Culturelles et Artistiques, et Mondialisations (French: Diversity of Cultural and Artistic Expressions, and Globalization)
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Ekaterina Avdonina, a managing director of DCAM, said, 'Anthony brings outstanding international investment experience and a proven track record of success derived from working at a number of real estate investment and fund management businesses.
The only red flag, he said, was a one-year decertification by DCAM in 2006 after another bidder contested the representation on a proposal of the completion amount versus total amount of the Oliver Ames High School contract.
Units should continue to push for DCAM use in decisive action operations because of its inventory management tools.
Many of the customers in Afghanistan using DCAM have noticed a time savings since they are freed up from many of the day-to-day tasks they previously completed with paper or TCAM," said Sergeant First Class David Awanda, assistant warehouse noncommissioned officer in charge for the 583d Medical Logistics Company in Afghanistan.
Ricardo is tooling up a seven-speed DCAM for the 16-cylinder Bugatti Veyron due next year.
DCAM has been established with the objective to develop and seed commodity-linked investment products for distribution in the UAE and other markets.
DCAM is pleased to play a role in providing state, county and municipal facilities in Massachusetts the opportunity to reap the additional benefits from their clean energy programs," stated DCAM Commissioner David B.
The hospital is the largest project DCAM has ever undertaken and getting it ready for an occupancy permit was a "learning experience," she said.
We greatly value our 10 year relationship with DCAM and look forward to supporting DCAM's mission to construct new facilities for the Commonwealth.
DCAM issued a request for proposals this spring and received 13 responses from 11 Worcester-area entities.
Ameresco, based in Framingham, MA, was selected to receive the first ever DCAM 2008 Award for Excellence in the energy category and was presented with the award at a ceremony attended by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick on April 16 in the Great Hall of the Massachusetts State House.