DCAMdigital camera
DCAMDivision of Capital Asset Management (Massachusetts)
DCAMDeep Cameo (coins)
DCAMDépartement Conception et Assistance Multimédia (French: Design and Multimedia Support Department)
DCAMDublin Core Abstract Model (programming syntax)
DCAMDMLSS (Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support) Customer Assistance Module
DCAMDirect Chip Attach Module
DCAMDiversité des Expressions Culturelles et Artistiques, et Mondialisations (French: Diversity of Cultural and Artistic Expressions, and Globalization)
DCAMDynamic Computer Aided Machining (machine tool co-processor used in manufacturing)
DCAMDialysis Crystallization Apparatus for Microgravity
DCAMDiscrete Component Analogue Modelling (software synthesis)
DCAMDynamic Content Associative Memory
DCAMDynamic Contact Angle Measurement (experiment)
DCAMDynamic Capability Assessment Model (software package)
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O presente estudo tem por objetivo relatar um caso de DCAM em paciente hipertensa de 65 anos, que compareceu ao ambulatorio de cardiologia em Itaperuna-RJ com quadro de embolia cerebral, e apos esclarecimento sobre sua condicao clinica manifestou recusa a abordagem cirurgica
Anthony Butler, a former head of Generali Real Estate's indirect investments, is joining DCAM as chief investment officer.
Funding for the program was approved in July, and after meeting right away with officials from DCAM, the sheriff's office was advised it would take about nine months to complete the bidding process.
Units should continue to push for DCAM use in decisive action operations because of its inventory management tools.
The project includes installation and performance term services and, according to DCAM, is the largest initiative of its type ever executed by it.
The advice and counsel of a distinguished Shariah scholar like Shaykh Yusuf will have a positive impact and an added value on our DSAM and DCAM products and we will look to him to generate new ideas for growing our commodity asset management business."
Investors continue to pursue a tactical allocation towards gold leading to increased holdings of gold ETFs/ETCs; a cost effective and efficient means for many investors to access the gold trade," said Sameer Meralli, managing director, DCAM, commenting on trends in the sector.
We found that customers would come in at their convenience, making it difficult for us to make our runs to the forward distribution team, perform vehicle maintenance, and place orders in DCAM. So we established the hours of 0900 to 1200 for customer requisitioning and pick up and reserved the afternoons for office administration and maintenance.
To protect consumers and commercial energy users statewide, the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) selected ConsumerPowerline (CPLN), the for-profit energy consumer advocacy organization, to immediately step in and manage grid reliability programs for 19 government facilities including universities, hospitals and correctional facilities statewide--turning these buildings into 'virtual power plants' that will help keep the lights on for thousands of Massachusetts residents and businesses in the event of a power crisis.
market is dual clutch automated manual (DCAM) transmissions.
These are: (1) Although the state's Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) used a state statute on modular building procurement to avoid the usual design-bid-build process, the building is not a modular building; (2) Most delays and overruns were caused by factors under the contractor's (Suffolk's) control; (3) The design-build approach was not appropriate for the project; (4) Top DCAM management did not support efforts of DCAM project personnel to enforce contract requirements and maintain control over the project; and (5) Top DCAM management failed to conduct a rigorous assessment of the merits of Suffolk's $2.7 million claim.