DCAPSDigital Consulting and Production Services (Cornell University; Ithaca, NY)
DCAPSDistributed Computer Aided Prototyping System
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DataPath plans to expand the program further by releasing new adventure materials for FSAs, DCAPs, and HSAs featuring both Captain Contributor and Betty the Benefactress later this year.
A DEPENDENT CARE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (DCAP) is a tax-favored arrangement by which the employer reimburses employees for dependent care expenses, makes payments to third parties for care of employees' dependents, or provides a dependent care facility for employees.
To be a DCAP, a plan must meet the eligibility requirements of Sec.
The genomic DNA was subjected to dCAPS validation of the assay results.
The dCAPS markers have also validated the results of detached leaf assay.
DCAPs satisfy the eligibility, contributions, and benefits tests if they do not discriminate in favor of highly-compensated employees or their dependents after excluding employees who have not attained age 21 and completed one year of service and certain union employees.
If a DCAP fails any of these nondiscrimination tests, highly-compensated employees will be taxed on all of the dependent care assistance benefits they received during a calendar year.
In addition to the deployment of on-board planning and task control technology on the New Millennium Deep Space One Mission, there are additional projects under way to deploy planning and scheduling technology in a ground-based context using the automated scheduling and planning environment (ASPEN) and also the data-chaser automated planning and scheduling system (DCAPS) for direct-science commanding.
A centerpiece of this benefits package is its Dependent Care Assistance Plans, or DCAPs, which allow employees to reduce their tax liability by setting aside up to $5,000 pre-tax dollars of their salary to pay for child or elder care.
(2002) converted an RFLP marker linked to the orthologous VRN-B1 locus on chromosome 5B into a dCAPS marker.
The long-standing debate about the use of DCAPs for expenses related to kindergarten costs has been definitively resolved under this ruling.