DCATSDefense Communications and Army Transmission Systems
DCATSDouble-Contained Acid Transfer System (semiconductors)
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Art Reiff, a SATCOM consultant with DCATS, said JIPM uses satellite bandwidth much more efficiently than prior types of modems.
"We have developed a state of the art and bandwidth efficient modem that will benefit both the strategic and tactical users," said Johnny Ng, EBEM program manager at PM DCATS. "The government intends to implement an automatic transmit power control and Ethernet IP into the current baseline."
The IDIQ contract is held with the Project Manager Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (PM DCATS) in Ft.
Bartosik cautions, though, that the team can't rest on the laurels of its IOC success, as it needs to work post-IOC issues, such as finishing the grounding around the DKET pads, providing a ballistic shield over the shelters and putting a fence around COB Speicher's land mobile radio site--Speicher's land mobile radio system is being provided by another PM DCATS PM, the Assistant Project Manager, Land Mobile Radio (APM LMR).
The Elmsford, N.Y., firm, in the vanguard of the emerging technology of superconducting microelectronics, is currently developing the world's first X-Band All-Digital Receiver for PM DCATS under a small business innovation research contract.
Lee Price, the project manager for Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems (PM DCATS) was named the Army's Project Manager of the Year for 2004 at the U.S.
Up at Camp Red Cloud, Uijeongbu, headquarters of the 2nd Infantry Division, in May 2006 PM DCATS completed the fourth of five modernization phases within the G2's Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, comprising the G2 Analysis and Control Element in the ACE Operations room, the ACE Imagery Intelligence room, the Multidiscipline Counterintelligence room, and the Collection Management and Dissemination room.
Jackson is PM DCATS' director for readiness--but don't let the title lull you into thinking Jackson sits behind a cushy desk barking out orders to a bevy of subordinates.
One will be located at Fort Monmouth, N.J., to support the PM DCATS test bed and the other six terminals will be installed at teleport locations to support WGS satellites 1-3.
Some PM DCATS products Thompson offered to the JTF-K effort included land mobile radios, a product of the Assistant Product Manager, Land Mobile Radio, for first responder communications; the Fort Monmouth Teleport site, a product of the Assistant Product Manager, Satellite Communications Systems, as a backup to the JTF-K effort's satellite communications network; and the Multi-Media Communications Systems and Combat Service Support Satellite Communications system, products of PM DWTS, which provide satellite access for Non-secure Internet Protocol Router Network and Secure Internet Protocol Router Network connectivity and wireless local area network connectivity.