DCBCDel Cerro Baptist Church (La Mesa, CA)
DCBCDarwin College Boat Club (UK)
DCBCDade City Business Center (Dade City, FL)
DCBCDunedin City Baptist Church
DCBCDiver Certification Board of Canada
DCBCDistrict of Columbia Baptist Convention
DCBCDevon and Cornwall Business Council (England, UK)
DCBCDiego County Bicycle Coalition (California)
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Calvary, a 155-year-old congregation founded by abolitionists, had disassociated from the SBC in 2012, but was still part of the DCBC. But when the church called lesbian partners Maria Swearingen and Sally Sarratt co-pastors in 2017, the SBC's Executive Committee charged that by failing to discipline the congregation, the DCBC had tacitly approved of the unbiblical actions of Calvary.
After the DCBC failed to comply with the SBC's warning as of May 21, the SBC severed its relationship with the group.
Boto said that the SBC's Executive Committee had "expressed deep regret over the need to take this action, but felt compelled to affirm biblical truth over organizational relationships." He added that the committee embraced a "willingness to consider resuming its relationship with the DCBC in the future," should the group act to remove Calvary Baptist from its fellowship.
However, while DCBC Executive Director Robert Cochran had earlier emphasized that the DCBC "has not affirmed, approved, or endorsed homosexual behavior in any way at any time," and that it "respects the official statements" on homosexuality by the SBC, he made it clear that his group had "no plans to disassociate" with Calvary Baptist Church, and had not discussed "the issue of homosexuality" with Calvary Baptist leadership.
The ability of developing country bargaining coalitions (DCBCs) to counter the weight of the much larger economies of the United States and the European Union demonstrates their increasingly proactive and effective role in multilateral trade negotiations in ways that did not exist before.
Nevertheless, their role has been marginalized in existing studies on DCBCs. For example, Constanti et al.
(6) Some have argued that the DCBCs offer smaller countries an opportunity to carry more weight and gain access to additional resources in order to promote their own agenda alongside that of developed countries.
En consecuencia, por la naturaleza dinamica del curriculum y por la siempre necesaria acomodacion posterior de este al contexto particular de cada centro y aula, se comprende la demanda de mayores cotas de autonomia y de ambitos de participacion y decision y, tambien, de responsabilidad por parte de los centros y los profesores en el desarrollo del curriculum, pero tambien en su elaboracion, pues el DCBC a traves del PCC significa el re-diseno local del curriculum oficial (Bolivar, 1999, 2000a, 2000b; Escudero, 1993a, 1993b, 1994a, 1994b, 1999; Escudero y Gonzalez, 1994; Estebaranz, 2000; Ferreres y Molina, 1995; Garcia Fernandez, 1998; Gimeno, 1999; Lieberman, 1990; Medina Rivilla et al., 2003; Rodriguez Dieguez, 2004; Skilbeck, 1984, 1998; Tejada, 1998, 2000; Villar, 1992).
140), que constituye uno de los rasgos caracteristicos de la iniciativa representada por el DCBC y supone la reconstruccion local del curriculum a traves del PCC y su correspondiente desarrollo por parte de los propios centros y profesores.
DCBC leaders rejected a NAMB proposal for obtaining a greater role in overseeing the funds that provide for evangelism and for the salaries of missionaries.
The DCBC quartet - the others were Jade Smith, Zoe Bullows and Joseph Downing - then represented County Durham in the year seven relay race over 1000m.