DCBEDouble Contrast Barium Enema
DCBEDouble Contrast Barium Enema Examination (gastroenterology)
DCBEDe Cordova Bend Estates (Granbury, TX)
DCBEDivision of Consumer and Business Education (US FTC)
DCBEData Control Block Extension
DCBEDeproteinized Calf-Blood Extract
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A patient was considered up to date in CRC screening at the end of 2009 if he or she had undergone a FOBT in 2009, sigmoidoscopy examination or DCBE in 2005-2009, or colonoscopy examination in 2000-2009.
Of these, 90.0 percent were screened with colonoscopy, 21.1 percent had FOBT, 3.8 percent had sigmoidoscopy, and 2.7 percent underwent DCBE. For those age 74 or 75 in 2009 and thus with 10 years of data, the up-to-date rate was 62.1 percent.
Questions regarding DCBE were not included in the questionnaire because DCBE is not commonly used as a first-line CRC screening test.
An overview of literature related to the historical development of the GI radiographer role up to the present day is presented, followed by justification for the introduction of radiographer-led DCBE services.
The DCBE examination was particularly problematic, mostly because it had extensive patient waiting lists.
In the modern colonoscopy era, DCBE is rarely used in IBD patients.
In 19 of these states, the laws generally applied to insurance sold to small employers and individuals, and required coverage of all four tests--FOBT, flexible sigmoidoscopy, DCBE, and colonoscopy.
The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) procedure coding system (HCPCS) and the Current Procedural Terminology codes (CPT) were used to identify CRC screening procedures, including: FOBT, flexible sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, and DCBE (Table A.1).
* Total colon examination by colonoscopy every 10 years or by DCBE every 5-10 years.
The ACS and USPSTF positions concerning the role of DCBE for CRC screening are consistent with the imaging technique's current limited role in evaluating the average-risk population.
Variables in the preparation of the large intestine for DCBE. Gut.
But he was 18 years out of practice when it came to double contrast barium enemas (DCBEs) - a type of X-ray used to detect irregularities such as bowel cancer.