DCBEDouble Contrast Barium Enema
DCBEDouble Contrast Barium Enema Examination (gastroenterology)
DCBEDe Cordova Bend Estates (Granbury, TX)
DCBEDivision of Consumer and Business Education (US FTC)
DCBEData Control Block Extension
DCBEDeproteinized Calf-Blood Extract
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For example, for individuals who were 67 in 2009, there are only 2 years of prior Medicare data to examine for a charge for colonoscopy or sigrnoidoscopy or DCBE.
In the modern colonoscopy era, DCBE is rarely used in IBD patients.
This method is more sensitive than DCBE in detecting early IBD changes.
19) Ota et al (20) showed that CT colonography had a good correlation with DCBE and colonoscopy for the detection of elevated lesions, such as inflammatory polyps and cobblestoning.
Sardanelli et al (41) reported the results of a study comparing MRI with DCBE in 6 patients with UC.
On determining the extent of UC, MRI and DCBE have been shown to have equivalent results, but only in 12 patients from 2 studies.
A probe in 2000 by the Royal College of Radiologists into Dr Smith's X-rays blamed his bosses for not ensuring he was properly trained in DCBEs.
The consultant, who was said to be "devastated" when he realised his blunders, agreed to stop carrying out DCBEs.