DCBIDDowntown Center Business Improvement District (Los Angeles, CA)
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The DCBID is a coalition of property owners united in their commitment to enhance the quality of life in Downtown Los Angeles.
With over 20 years of commercial real estate leasing and development experience, Bastian joined DCBID in December 2001 and has been responsible for overseeing the business and residential recruitment efforts for the organization.
It is our honor and privilege to show our appreciation to Hal Bastian with this well-deserved promotion," said Carol Schatz, President and CEO of the DCBID.
After a hugely successful six-month run, to meet demand DCBID has gone back to the presses to print an additional 50,000 of the popular "Go Downtown" discount cards, which will be distributed to Ambassador kiosks, hotel and building concierges throughout Downtown, conventioneers, and via the DCBID Web site (www.
Yet another sign that the exciting growth and revitalization taking place in Downtown Los Angeles continues," said Carol Schatz, president and CEO of the DCBID.
Downtown Los Angeles houses much of our city's cultural diversity, corporate culture and history, but there are still significant factors preventing it from becoming a destination city-center," said Carol Schatz, President and CEO of CCA and the DCBID.
Los Angeles Mayor Jim Hahn joined CCA, the DCBID, and community leaders to announce the plan's release from the rooftop of the new Downtown LA Standard Hotel, one of Downtown's most successful "adaptive reuse" developments.