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DCCADepartment of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
DCCADepartment of Commerce and Community Affairs
DCCADependable Computing for Critical Applications (Conference)
DCCADelaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (Wilmington, DE)
DCCADebian Common Core Alliance
DCCADupont Circle Citizens Association
DCCADiameter Credit-Control Application
DCCADirectional Crossing Contractors Association
DCCADivision of Consumer and Community Affairs
DCCADistributed Component Computing Architecture
DCCADrying Control Chemical Additive
DCCADivision of Commissioned Corps Assignments
DCCADimethylcyclopropane Carboxylic Acid (insecticide)
DCCADirect and Contiguous Compounding Area
DCCADesign Change Cost Analysis
DCCADogo Canario Club of America, Inc.
DCCADual Channel Collision Avoidance
DCCADegraded Core Coolability
DCCADarlington's Children's Countryside Asssociation (UK)
DCCADisplay Circuit Card Assembly
DCCADiscrete Channel with Clarke's Autocorrelation (communication channel model)
DCCAData Center Certified Associate (Data Center University)
DCCADurham County Chess Association (UK)
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Operated in concert with a new set of mandatory registration regulations for all drone owners, the new tracking system requires all drone operators to file individual pre-approved flight plans in non-secure airspace zones that will be reviewed by DCCA aircraft management inspectors and then approved in as little as one day if the operator and flight plan is deemed safe by experienced staff.
We are committed to driving the leadership's vision of the emirate as a leading hub for global innovation," said Ahmed bin Byat, Director-General of DCCA.
Ahmed Bin Byat, Director General of DCCA, said: "Dubai Creative Clusters Authority seeks to foster the growth of vibrant creative sector ecosystems to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurs, industry leaders and creative talent.
DCCA supports and encourages creative business concepts through attracting and licensing specialised companies in the SME sector.
The DCCA certification program provides foundational knowledge relevant to designing or upgrading the physical data centre, including power, cooling, racks, cabling, fire protection, management, and physical security.
The afternoon session also saw DCCA blacks and DCCA reds comprising senior boys playing against each other in a 15-over contest.
With responses to the original DCCA request in hand, in 2007 the DCA sent out another letter asking those who responded to update information and again requesting information from those states who did not reply to the earlier request.
As yarrow is traditionally applied similar to artichoke and contains a considerable amount of DCCAs as well, a fraction enriched in those phenolcarboxylic acids and luteolin-7-O-[beta]-D-glucuronide was prepared and tested in the IPRL in order to examine its effect on bile flow.
Price joined DCCA as a manager in 1993 and was promoted to assistant director in 2002.
Among the topics discussed at the summer board of directors meeting was a possible merger with the DCCA (Directional Crossing Contractors Association).
Looking toward next year's session, DCCA Director Mark Recktenwald advises small-business supporters to be heard and seen at the Legislature.
It has some major safety issues to overcome and is at least two years away from commercial use, said Norm Marek, manager for Alternate Energy and Transportation Fuel Programs in the Illinois Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, or DCCA, in Springfield.