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DCCCDemocratic Congressional Campaign Committee
DCCCDelaware County Community College
DCCCDurham County Cricket Club
DCCCDroplet Counter-Current Chromatography (chromatographic technique)
DCCCDefense Collection Coordination Center
DCCCDefense Cyber Crime Center
DCCCDynamic Channel Configuration Control (cellular radio networks)
DCCCDefense Commercial Communications Center
DCCCDesert Cross Community Church (Phoenix, Arizona)
DCCCDavidson County Community College (Lexington, North Carolina)
DCCCDizzy's Club Coca Cola (New York)
DCCCDerbyshire County Cricket Club
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Gaurang Desai, Chief Operating Officer of DCCC, said: The partnership with Clearstream strengthens our overall offering for DGCX members with a service that promotes significant efficiency gains in managing and transferring collateral.
Stefan Lepp, Head of Global Securities Financing and Member of the Executive Board of Clearstream, said: We are pleased to welcome DCCC in our Global Liquidity Hub as a CCP partner.
At the same time, there has been a bit of a sticky wicket at DCCC, in financial terms at least, although the club is by no means alone.
K, who passed it on to the DCCC, which I suppose passed it on to the campaigns.
UltraCard distributed customized DCCC cards at a special event honoring Dick Gephardt on Sunday, August 13.
DCCC now joins the long list of central counterparties that are already connected to Clearstream's liquidity management solution benefitting from Clearstream's already announced partner CSDs and agent bank partners such as ASX (Australia), CDS (Canada), Cetip (Brasil), Iberclear (Spain), SGX (Singapore), Strate (South Africa), BNP Paribas, Citibank and Standard Chartered.
The appointment of five new members to the DCCC is seen as a benefit by both government officials and industry stakeholders, who say they share the goal of working collaboratively to build a strategic environment for Australian businesses.
She joins DCCC at an exciting time, with the club performing well both on and off the pitch.
David Harker, chief executive of DCCC since 1991, gets the top prize at the 26th North East Business Executive of the Year Awards, run by The Journal and the Evening Gazette, and One North East chief execuS tive Margaret Fay is given a Lifetime Achievement Award.
With these clients joining the NGP team, NGP now serves every major national Democratic committee including the DNC, DSCC, DCCC, DGA, and DLCC, as well as almost all the Democratic State Parties.
Through Tom O'Donnell, Gephardt's chief of staff, whom Thomas had worked for at the DCCC in 1988.