DCCCCDartmouth College Child Care Center (Hanover, NH)
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12) Pico della Mirandola, 'Conclusiones magicae numero XXVI secundum opinionem propriam', in his Conclusiones sive theses DCCCC (1486): 'pars practica scientiae naturalis'; see S.
Entry [section]8, which concerns Giovanni's ill-fated 1486 edition of his Conclusiones DCCCC, contains a transcription of the advertisement Giovanni appended to his book, where he offered to pay the expenses of any Philosophus or Theologus willing to travel ab extrema Italia to dispute over his collection of wide-ranging theses (147).
Yten de un privilegiado que es Benito Grentil quinze myll novecientos mrs--" (55) XV U DCCCC