DCCDDrivers Control Center Differential (Subaru)
DCCDDormant Commerce Clause Doctrine (legal doctrine)
DCCDDelaware County Conservation District (Pennsylvania)
DCCDDivision for Children with Communication Disorders (Council for Exceptional Children)
DCCDDevelop Check Critical Dimensions (Intel)
DCCDDeep Computing Capacity on Demand (IBM)
DCCDDanish Center for Culture and Development (Denmark)
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In a case with obvious implications for the fate of discriminatory RPS programs, the Court struck down, on DCCD grounds, an Oklahoma law requiring coal-fired plants located in the state to favor local industry by requiring it to burn at least ten percent Oklahoma-mined coal.
Enrollment has historically shown steady growth, trending slightly upwards since Fall 2005, and DCCD projects average annual enrollment growth at rates of 2%-3%.
With a soft economy and labor market, employers are more easily able to shift health care costs to employees, but they remain reluctant to take the big steps toward full implementation of DCCD plans.
The DCCD AWD system features three automatic modes, each using varying degrees of center differential locking to match different driving situations.
Cancio & Associates, Development Engineering & Management Corp, Engineering & Development Corp of the Philippines, Filipinas Dravo Corp, TCGI Engineers, Urban Integrated Consultants Inc, and Oriental Consultants Co Ltd; Schema Konsult Inc, Pertconsult International, KE Asia Inc, DCCD Engineering Corp, Key Engineers Co, and Proconsult Inc; Systra Philippines and Philipps Technical Consultants Corp; and Science and Vision for Technology Inc and Yooshin Engineering Corp.
The DCCD system offers three selectable automatic performance modes in addition to six manual differential-locking settings.
315-Horsepower Crossover with WRX(R) STI(R) Engine, 6-Speed Transmission - DCCD All-Wheel Drive and Brembo Brakes from WRX STI - Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension - Custom Bodywork and Paint
The DCCD system now offers three selectable automatic performance modes in addition to the six manual differential-locking settings.
Set in automatic mode, the DCCD system can vary the torque distribution ratio as needed in response to vehicle acceleration, deceleration, steering angle, cornering force and wheel slippage.
For 2006, the addition of a steering sensor input to the DCCD All-Wheel Drive system enhances power distribution response by more accurately relaying the car's cornering situation.
WRX STi is equipped with the brand's most performance-directed All-Wheel Drive system with DCCD (Driver Control Center Differential).