DCCEDuke Center for Civic Engagement (est. 2007; Duke University; Durham, NC)
DCCEDefense and Cost Containment Expense (Insurance)
DCCEDigital Cell Centre Exchange
DCCEDeep Creek Central Elementary (Chesapeake, VA)
DCCEDepartment of Computing and Control Engineering
DCCEDepartment of Construction Code Enforcement (Memphis, TN)
DCCEDirection de la Coopération avec la Communauté et l'Etranger (French: Directorate of Cooperation with the Community and Abroad)
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DCCE was established under the guidance of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DSCE) to bolster the transition of Dubai and the UAE to a low-carbon and green economy through knowledge consolidation.
DCCE was one of this year's active participating organisations at WETEX, a DEWA-organised event designed to showcase the latest developments in conventional and renewable energy around the world.
In line with the vision of the DCCE, the RTA launched the Green Bus Project, which saw them gradually introduce a fleet of buses that run on biofuels derived from cooking oil.
According to DCCE statistics, water and electricity generation accounts for 33 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UAE, followed closely by public and private road transportation, which is responsible for 22 percent.
The DCCE, which leverages Dubai's economic potential in carbon through Clean Development Mechanism, is a key component of the Supreme Council's efforts to develop a sustainable-energy economy and plans to offset several million metric tons of carbon annually by selling carbon credits on the international market.
Al Katheeri added: "As pioneers in driving the sustainability agenda across all our developments, our partnership with DCCE is in line with our CSR strategy that focuses on the environment, human capital and community.
DCCE chief executive Ivano Iannelli said: "Dubai is focused on promoting sustainable development initiatives in order to transition to a low-carbon and green economy.
The organisation's strategic partnership with DCCE is a contribution to the efforts shaping the UAE's path to green economic development.
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He also referred that the UAE fulfilled outstanding achievement in its endeavours toward sustainability and sustainable future and praised the program launched by DCCE and supported by DEWA and UNDP, emphasizing his reliability that the targeted objectives of the program will be achieved in a manner that serves aspiration of our wise leadership towards sustainability.
As the first of its kind in the Middle East, DCCE provides the public and private sectors with the highest level of expertise to quantify, manage and operationalise environmental upgrades using economic metrics.
The ceremony was marked by the signing of an agreement between DP World and DCCE, whereby DP World will partner in sustainability programmes and will oversee Carbon Ambassador in designing and implementing a plan to convert a 20-foot container into an "attractive self-contained roadhouse in bus stand area.