DCCFDeKalb County Community Foundation (Sycamore, IL)
DCCFDistance Classifier Correlation Filter
DCCFDirection de la Coopération Culturelle et du Français (French: Directorate of Cultural Cooperation and French)
DCCFDistributed Computing Collaborating Framework
DCCFDirect-Coupled Cavity Filter
DCCFDouble Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino (Starbucks)
DCCFDevon County Conservative Future (UK)
DCCFDe Commerciele Club Friesland (Dutch: The Commercial Club of Friesland; Friesland, Netherlands)
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The DCCF works as follows: the projected corporate opportunity rate for each year (different each year) is used to compound the 250,000 [pounds sterling].
4693 at eight per cent for five years, so for this project the DCCF rate is just under eight per cent.
In addition, Objectivity recruited Modacom, a South Korean distributor that recently signed the DCCF (Defense of Command Control Forces) of MND (Ministry of National Defense) as a customer for Objectivity.