DCCLDominion Country Club League
DCCLDarwin City Council Libraries (Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia)
DCCLDigital Charge Coupled Logic
DCCLDelta Center for Culture and Learning (Mississippi, USA)
DCCLDesign Control Check List
DCCLDixon Collier Consultancies Ltd (UK)
DCCLDermatologisch Cosmetisch Centrum Leeuwarden (Dutch dermatology center)
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Of particular relevance is Colin s previous experience of the DCCL s field of responsibilities, and of working in a dual role, when he stepped in to serve as Chief Executive of the former Department of Tourism and Leisure from June 2008 to June 2009, while he was Chief Executive of the then Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
DCAR, ETF and DCCL are covered by the monitoring provisions of the deferred prosecution agreement with their parent company Daimler AG.
DCCL is a well respected, value-added supplier of industrial and civil construction services to the petrochemical industry in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.