DCCRDiabetes Continuing Care Reference (UK)
DCCRDoor County Camping Retreat (Egg Harbor, WI)
DCCrData Communication Channel Regenerator (Section)
DCCRDeclaration of Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (real estate)
DCCRDependencies on Concrete Classes Rules
DCCRDual Counter Rotating Ring
DCCRDéshumidification Commerciale Charles Rouleau (French: Charles Rouleau Commercial Dehumidification; Canada)
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Treatment with DCCR over 10 weeks resulted in the following statistically significant and clinically relevant changes in body composition: body fat was reduced by 3.
The randomized, double-blind study, which was powered as if it were pivotal, assessed the drug's effect on dyslipidemia and evaluated three different doses of DCCR given over an 8-week period compared to placebo.
The remaining DCCR systems have been accepted at the Dallas-Fort Worth and Washington ARTCCs, and are undergoing final testing at the Cleveland and New York ARTCCs.
We are looking forward to near term interactions with FDA on the overall development plan for DCCR in PWS, and to completing pivotal development and bringing it to market.
We are particularly pleased that the granted claims cover the use of DCCR in Prader-Willi syndrome, our lead indication.
We greatly appreciate the FDA's support of our efforts to evaluate the use of DCCR in the treatment of Prader-Willi syndrome.
today announced Phase 2b trial results for its investigational compound DCCR demonstrating a reduction in triglyceride (TG) levels by 30 to 40 percent in patients whose TG levels exceeded 500 mg/dL (Very High Triglycerides[VHTG]).
announced the February 27, 2012 filing of two new patent applications expanding the patent portfolio claiming its investigational triglyceride-lowering compound DCCR and new methods of using the drug.
Its lead compound, DCCR, is now in Phase IIb trials for patients with very high triglycerides.
Its lead compound, DCCR, is now in Phase IIb trials in patients with very high triglycerides.
Aaron Berg, Chief Commercial Officer for Essentialis added, "We would like to thank FDA reviewers for their guidance during the SPA approval process and are pleased that the Agency has indicated an agreement to proceed with this Phase 3 pivotal study for DCCR.
The patent claims a novel composition of a polymorph of diazoxide choline, the active ingredient in the Essentialis lead product, DCCR.