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DCCSDimensional Change Card Sort (executive function assessment method)
DCCSDelaware County Christian School (Newtown Square, PA)
DCCSDigital Cross Connect System
DCCSDundas Calvin Christian School (Canada)
DCCSDefense Information Infrastructure (DII) Communications Channel Server
DCCSDelta College Corporate Services
DCCSDaimler Chrysler Computing Services
DCCSDepartmental Committee on Computer Security (New Zealand)
DCCSDeputy Commander of Clinical Services (US Army)
DCCSSenior Chief Damage Controlman (Naval Rating)
DCCSDistributed Command and Control System
DCCSDevon Catering & Cleaning Services (UK)
DCCSDefense Communications Control System
DCCSData Communication & Control System
DCCSDigital Command Control Standards
DCCSDigital Cellular Communications Systems
DCCSDeployable Combat Supply System
DCCSDesignated Constellation Control Station
DCCSDaily Changing Call Sign
DCCSDirect Current Counter Shock
DCCSData Center Connectivity Solutions
DCCSData Center Central Support (Alcatel-Lucent)
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In the news release, BPI said it's hoping to connect DCCS and the MEP, along with Beacon of Hope and Workforce Connection, to bring the MEP program to Dearborn County.
"The dissolution of District Congress Committees (DCC) is part of the plan to revamp the party," the source said.
One hundred and forty-eight samples of nasal swabs were obtained from healthy children aged one to six years attending DCCs. Children who had received care in hospitals and/or were treated with antibiotics in the last 30 days prior to sample collection were not included.
Behavioural self-regulation was assessed by the DCCS. This task measures the executive function skill of shifting, including the ability to listen, concentrate and follow directions.
The Minister was also informed that 75 DCCs were already functional and Women Development Department had begun consultations to expand.
Ernestina Azor-Martinez, M.D., Ph.D., from the Distrito Sanitario de Atención Primaria in Almeróa, Spain, and colleagues conducted a trial involving 911 children aged 0 to 3 years attending 24 DCCs in Spain with an eight-month follow-up.
The DCCS asks the child to sort a series of bivalent cards based on one of two instructed dimensions (i.e., either color or shape).
Following a restructuring implemented in 2009, TACs, are guaranteed by the UK government (HMG; AA/Negative/F1+), and DCCs, originally payable by the Secretary of State, are irrevocable and unconditional direct obligations of HMG.
DCCS main parts include a bandgap semiconductor film, a monolayer of organic dye molecules absorbed onto the semiconductor film, and a liquid electrolyte, which interpenetrates the dye-coated nanoparticles [4].