DCDCDayton Contemporary Dance Company (Dayton, OH)
DCDCDecision Center for a Desert City (Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ)
DCDCDivision of Communicable Disease Control (California)
DCDCDetroit Collaborative Design Center (film project)
DCDCDetailed Case Data Component
DCDCDistrict of Columbia Department of Corrections (Washington, DC)
DCDCDepartment of Communicable Disease Control (Thailand)
DCDCDevelopments Concepts and Doctrine Centre (UK)
DCDCDesired Characteristics and Decision Criteria
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[6] Concepts and Doctrine Centre's (DCDC), Strategic Trends Programme: Future Character of Conflict, UK MoD, 2010
Ltd has developed a business card-sized, thin isolated bidirectional DCDC converter.
where the [U.sub.out] and [I.sub.out] are the output voltage and current, [U.sub.in] and [I.sub.in] are the input voltage and current, and [[eta].sub.dc] is the efficiency of the DCDC converter.
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The architecture of an HEV power system is laid out in Figure 1,which includes a gasoline engine, a five-speed AMT (automated manual transmission), a 4-pole PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor), a nickel-hydrogen power battery, a DCDC converter, a BSG (belt start generator), and other key components such as the motor controller etc.
The electromagnetic noise generated from a power control unit (DCDC converters, inverters) in a hybrid vehicle (HV) causes interference in an AM radio, as shown in Fig.
Other products on display include: a wide selection of standard and application focused Modular Terminal Blocks featuring Screw clamp, Tension clamp and Push in connection technologies; PLC Interface Solutions; Gigabit Industrial Security Router; The ACT20P Pro DCDC II Analogue Signal Convertor; TERMSERIES relay and solid state relay products.
The 12V DCDC converter from Automation Direct is only necessary if you choose to run the system on battery power.
Switched- capacitor/switched-inductor structures for getting transformerless hybrid dcdc PWM converters" IEEE Trans.
"This is the most exciting time to be in this industry, because we've come together to solve one of our greatest challenges," noted Tim Warner, CEO of Cinemark, one of the initial partners of DCDC, speaking about the limits of traditional distribution methods.