DCDCDecision Center for a Desert City (Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ)
DCDCDetroit Collaborative Design Center (film project)
DCDCDetailed Case Data Component
DCDCDistrict of Columbia Department of Corrections (Washington, DC)
DCDCDepartment of Communicable Disease Control (Thailand)
DCDCDevelopments Concepts and Doctrine Centre (UK)
DCDCDesired Characteristics and Decision Criteria
DCDCDayton Contemporary Dance Company (Dayton, OH)
DCDCDivision of Communicable Disease Control (California)
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Development Of A Fuzzy Logic Controller For DCDC Converters: Design, Computer Simulation and Experimental Evaluation", IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 11-1,
A decision was made by DCDC staff to advertise the discharge planning services that were available through the medical department.
But after a meeting with the council members which did not yield any outcome, the organizers decided to go ahead with the tournament prompting DCDC head Mazhar Khan to shoot a mail to all registered members and players to refrain from participating in this tournament.
23) See DCDC, supra note 11, at 11 (noting that since most of the
In May 2005, DCDC was notified of clinical botulism in another inmate of another California state prison in Monterey County.
DCDC has published a directory of area businesses owned and operated by people with disabilities.
Golightly, a career administrator at DCDC, then in charge of Administrative Services.
KenCast's Fazzt Enterprise Server and the EdgeSpan CinemaPro is Hollywood's preferred solution powering the backbone of the DCDC (Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition) platform, enabling delivery by satellite or fiber optics of very large movie files and the streaming of live events into thousands of theaters across North America.
In 2012, Foxall was appointed director of the DCDC.
Rhys, originally from Tremadog, said: "S4C seemed to enjoy that programme and asked me to join DCDC, presenting from North Wales.