DCDEDelhi College of Distance Education (Delhi, India)
DCDEDivision of Continuing and Distance Education
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Kibler.) Traditional Sonnets Petrarchan / Legitimate abba abba cdecde [cdcdee / cdedce] Shakespearean / Illegitimate abab cdcd efef gg Spenserian abab bcbc cdcd ee Romantic Variations ** Coleridge, To the River Otter abba acdc dcde ce ** Keats, To Sleep abab cdcd bcef ef ** --, If by dull rhymes abca bdca bcde de Simms's Sonnets Starting with abba ** If from the Morning of Thy abba acca adad ee Days (11) Exhaustion (254) abba accd eefd ff Sympathy with Nature (138) abba ccad aede a [13 lines] Religious Musings (129) abba cddc effe bb The Age of Gold (132) abba cdcd efef ef The Portrait (29) abba cdcd effe gg ** Flowers and Trees (128) abba cddc effe gg Solace of the Woods (108) abba cddc efef cc ** To My Books (3) abba cddc efef gg ** To W.
Les victimes dcdes par envenimation scorpionique sont trois hommes, gs de 17, 26 et 44 ans, et une femme (68 ans).