DCEMRIDynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging
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Brian Welch, "DCEMRI.jl: A fast, validated, open source toolkit for dynamic contrast enhanced MRI analysis," Peer J, vol.
On the other hand, the addition of DWI and DCEMRI to T2-weighted MRI increased the accuracy in detection of transition-zone cancer from 64% to 79% [86].
It is widely accepted that these perfusion and permeability characteristics reflected by DCEMRI are directly related to the tumor angiogenic activity [1820] and that tumor N staging reflects the spread and extent of lymph node metastasis [10].
These findings showed that DCEMRI in the metastatic lymph plays a distinct role in characterizing the nodal status in NPC.
Dynamic contrast enhancement MRI (DCEMRI) data were acquired through the mid-L3 vertebral body region.
The curve fitting was performed on the DCEMRI signal with the time course from the starting point to the end of the signal.
DCEMRI and DSC-MRI can provide physiological information which is unavailable on conventional MRI to settle the diagnostic dilemma.
Subsequently, they segmented GBM into three components using DSC-MRI and DCEMRI [176], which include enhancing permeable area, the nonenhancing hypoperfusion area representing vasogenic edema, and the nonenhancing hyperperfusion area representing infiltrative tumor.
However, when combination of relative [K.sup.trans] ([rK.sup.trans]) and relative IAUC (rIAUC) was used, DCEMRI seemed to outweigh DSC-MRI.