DCEPDirect-Current Electrode Positive
DCEPData Curation Education Program (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Champaign, IL)
DCEPDistrict Comprehensive Educational Plan (New York)
DCEPDanish Centre for Experimental Parasitology (Denmark)
DCEPDepartment of Consumer and Employment Protection (Australia)
DCEPDelta Cepheid (class of variable star)
DCEPData Center Energy Practitioner (certification; US Department of Energy)
DCEPDeuxième Cycle des Études Pharmaceutiques (French: Second Round of Pharmaceutical Studies)
DCePData Center Energy Productivity
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Se realizaron uniones de penetracion total de una sola pasada, a tope cuadrado sin bisel, con el proceso de soldadura GMAW usando corriente DCEP y utilizando argon como gas de proteccion (30 CFH).
The syngas produced by the DCEP will fuel both a new combined-cycle unit and existing boiler plants.
To obtain the DCEP certification, Jim was required to have specific work experience and expertise in IT-equipment, cooling systems, air management, and electrical systems.