DCESData Collection & Evaluation System
DCESDivine Child Elementary School (Dearborn, MI)
DCESDesert Canyon Elementary School (Scottsdale, AZ)
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The DCES targeted three different constructs: Diabetes Competence (four items), Social/Relatedness (three items), and Camp Satisfaction (four items).
Descriptive Statistics of the DCES among Campers and Parents.
DCES students Mahmoud Khateb Abdel Rasool, Ali el Sammak, Ahmed al Gendy and Indra Gunawan presented their projects titled "natural dyes in cyandie" and "encapsulation of polyaromatic hydrocarbons in block copolymer micelles: theoretical and experimental study in the analytical chemistry and polymeric science and material engineering categories.
Tenders are invited for Ambulance Transport Billing for DCES
Tenders are invited for Cardiac Monitors/Defibrillators for DCES
Tenders are invited for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses for DCES