DCFIDove Christian Fellowship International
DCFIDiversified Cash Flow Institute
DCFIDistrict of Columbia Fatherhood Initiative
DCFIDoppler Color Flow Imaging
DCFIDraft Call for Improvement
DCFIDay-Care Facility Investment
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As to Al Tamimi & Company's second defence of time bar under Article (35) of MC (being two years, calculated from the date of arrival at the destination, or from the date on which the aircraft ought to have arrived, or from the date on which the carriage stopped), the DCFI held that the respondent was a government entity and there was a legal requirement for the Claimant to first file a complaint with the DLAD and to obtain DLAD's approval prior to filing the claim with the court.
The DCFI Story notes that over the years members of the faculty and staff who were Christians and Muslims became 'partners in development striving to provide quality education to the youth.
New Delhi [India], Feb.12 ( ANI ): The Diabetes Care Foundation of India (DCFI), a non-profit organisation, working extensively on facing the challenge of diabetes, organised a free "diabetes/hypertension related end-organ damage" screening camp for underprivileged high-risk diabetes patients at a government dispensary in New Delhi on Monday.
Ascorbic acid (AA) levels were determined from the reduction of the 2,6-dichlorophenolindophenol sodium salt hydrate (DCFI) indicator by ascorbic acid and expressed as mg/g dry weight.
A determinacao de acido ascorbico foi realizada segundo a AOAC (2000), modificada por ASSUNCAO & MERCADANTE (2003), utilizando acido oxalico 1% com extrator e reduzindo o indicador 2,6-diclorobenzenoindofenol (DCFI) pelo acido ascorbico.
A titulacao foi feita com solucao de 2,6-diclorofenolindofenol (DCFI), e os resultados foram expressos em mg de acido ascorbico por 100g de polpa; f) analise sensorial de aparencia: foi realizada por uma equipe de 30 provadores nao treinados, utilizando uma escala de notas, em que: 5 = otimo; 4 = bom; 3 = regular; 2 = ruim e 1 = pessimo, sendo a nota 3 o limite de aceitabilidade.
A concentracao de acido ascorbico (Vitamina C): foi determinada pelo Metodo de Tillmans, que se baseia na reducao do 2,6-diclofenol indofenolsodio (DCFI) pelo acido ascorbico, segundo Instituto Adolfo Lutz (2008).
O teor de acido ascorbico foi determinado por titulacao com 2,6-dicloro-fenol-indofenol (DCFI), com as modificacoes propostas por Benassi e Antunes (1988).
Os teores de solidos soluveis e acidez titulavel foram avaliados segundo metodologia do Instituto Adolfo Lutz (BRASIL, 2005) e a determinacao do teor de acido ascorbico foi por titulacao com o reagente 2,6-diclorofenolindofenol (DCFI), de acordo com metodologia proposta pela Association of Official Analytical Chemists (1995).
Apos a homogeneizacao, as amostras foram tituladas com 2,6-diclorofenol indofenol (DCFI) ate obtencao de coloracao ligeiramente rosada, por 15 segundos.