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DCFLDefense Computer Forensics Laboratory (US DoD)
DCFLDepartment of Children, Families and Learning (Minnesota)
DCFLDetroit City Futbol League (Michigan)
DCFLDiocesan Center for Family Life (Jacksonville, FL)
DCFLDirect Coupled FET Logic
DCFLDacorum Communities for Learning (Hemel Hempstead, UK)
DCFLDeterministic Context-Free Language (formal language theory)
DCFLDouble-Clad Fiber Laser (optical technology)
DCFLDistributed Cross-Producing of Field Labels (algorithm)
DCFLDesert Combat Fun League (gaming)
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At the time, Lieutenant Colonel Ken Zatyko was DCFL's director and Robert Renko was its Director of Operations.
Data storage, accessibility and protection are important to every lab operation, but DCFL may have a case in claiming that its evidence requires more careful handling than most others.
Cook [1979] presents a sequential algorithm for the DCFL recognition problem that runs in polynomial time on a Turing machine using only polynomial in log n space.
[1983], Klein and Reif [1988] present an O(log n) time CREW-PRAM algorithm for DCFL recognition.
"Involvement of Information Technology early and throughout the merger or acquisition process is often critical for effective execution and the subsequent realization of benefits," explains Zaid Selman, manager in transaction services at DCFL in his piece, Deal maker or breaker?
Munish Mohendroo, director in valuation and modelling services at DCFL cautions in "Some common mistakes" to avoid in estimating and applying discount rates that one of the most critical issues for an investor to consider in a strategic acquisition is to estimate how much the company being acquired is worth.
Implementation Language Throughput Platform Xtensa [28] TIE 2.1 Gbsp ASIP 2sBFCE [19] VHDL 1.87 Gbps FPGA DCFL [14] VHDL 16 Gbps TCAM GBSA Xtensa TIE 3 Gbps ASIP GBSA ESL I Handel-C 1.5 Gbps FPGA GBSA ESL II Impulse-C 1.4 Gbps FPGA HyperCuts [24] VHDL 3.41 Gbps FPGA
A DCFL decoder with a resistive load is used to accomplish the logic circuits.
For the positive logic configuration, the output is taken directly from the DCFL gates.
The projected performance of C-HFETs shows significant power-delay advantage over both silicon-based CMOS and GaAs-based DCFL. Results from computer simulations indicate that C-HFET circuits could operate at speeds three times faster than the comparable silicon-CMOS circuits and at speeds close to those of n-channel HFET ICs, while dissipating only one tenth the power.
Humphry Hatton, DCFL CEO, said: "We are proud to welcome both Wayne Thomas and Ollie Saunders to our senior leadership team, helping to cement our commitment to providing the very best advice to our clients in the region, which will support our ambition of continuing to be one of the fastest growing financial advisory businesses in the global Deloitte member firm network.