DCFMData Center Fabric Manager (trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
DCFMDane County Farmers Market (Wisconsin)
DCFMDéfense contre les Forces du Mal (French: Defense against the Forces of Evil)
DCFMDesignated Campus Fire Marshal (various schools)
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Brocade DCFM is central to realizing the Brocade Data Center Fabric (DCF) architecture vision and incorporates the best features of existing Brocade management products.
Brocade DCFM Enterprise: Provides a non-disruptive path and functional continuity for organizations that are upgrading from Brocade Enterprise Fabric Connectivity Manager (EFCM) or Brocade Fabric Manager.
Brocade DCFM Professional: Provides a subset of Brocade DCFM Enterprise features, making it ideal for organizations that require a less-extensive management solution for smaller SAN environments up to 1000 ports in a single fabric.
In addition, Brocade DCFM integrates management of both Brocade Fabric OS(R) (FOS) and Brocade M-Enterprise OS (M-EOS) fabrics and scales to handle the management of the physical and virtual data paths between servers and storage.
To enable compliance with corporate security standards, Brocade DCFM supports encryption capabilities for data-at-rest solutions from leading third-party providers and HBA products.
Brocade Professional Services leverages best-practice methodologies to assess, design, install, and implement Brocade DCFM solutions.
Brocade DCFM enables customers to secure the flow of data across multiple fabrics by managing access controls to ensure consistent security settings across devices while incorporating end-to-end encryption of data-at-rest solutions.