DCFMDéfense contre les Forces du Mal (French: Defense against the Forces of Evil)
DCFMData Center Fabric Manager (trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
DCFMDane County Farmers Market (Wisconsin)
DCFMDesignated Campus Fire Marshal (various schools)
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They approached customers at random, asked them to participate in a DCFM-approved survey, screened for consumers over 18 years, obtained informed consent, and distributed a $1 DCFM coupon.
Visitors to the DCFM are not "average" food shoppers.
(2010), DCFM visitors are also more likely to be white than the average U.S.
Another distinguishing characteristic of DCFM visitors is consumer-supported agriculture (CSA) membership.
Contrary to the perceptions of vendors that few people buy things at the market, 95.1% of participants surveyed bought food at the DCFM. Those who made purchases spent $28.46 during their visit.
This is related to significant income differences by age of DCFM attendees.
In general, shoppers assume that DCFM products are certified organic, although only 10% of the produce vendors are certified.
On average, visitors to the DCFM shop in groups of 2-3 people.
Data Center Facility Management (DCFM) includes management of the core building systems that provide power, cooling and secure access to the IT environment.
When combined as an all-encompassing solution, DCFM and DCIM fundamentally upgrade the management of data centers from discrete and soloed software to an integrated system, managing IT physical systems while providing entirely new levels of functionality related to the whole facility.
Adding further value for managers, DCFM and DCIM can be fully integrated to create a holistic knowledge base, reducing the potential for unnecessary cooling, or accidental overloading of critical systems.
DCFM and DCIM provide powerful tools to accomplish these strategies throughout the entire facility, enabling unprecedented insight, analysis and control.