DCGEPDiscovery Channel Global Education Partnership
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The Foundation's $10 million grant will enable DCGEP to establish 68 Learning Centres in nine African countries (Angola, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda) over a five-year period, beginning in 2007.
Also in support of the Equal Futures Partnership, Discovery Communications is committed to closing the girls' education gap in some of the world's most under-resourced communities through an innovative program in Africa designed to build on the success of DCGEP.
In addition, DCGEP provides extensive teacher training and capacity building to maximize the value of educational media as a tool for teaching and learning.
Currently celebrating its 10th anniversary, DCGEP has a proven track record of establishing sustainable community information hubs, called Learning Centers, in underserved schools.
Our partnership with TCCAF will enable us to reach more children in Africa through a program that has demonstrated its ability to improve learning outcomes, teacher effectiveness and community involvement in schools," said Gail Ifshin, Executive Director of DCGEP.
Over the past ten years, DCGEP has established 194 Learning Centers in 10 countries around the world, six of which are in Africa.