DCGPDelaware Council on Gambling Problems
DCGPDefence Commercial Graduate Programme (UK)
DCGPDigital Commentary Grading Project (various schools)
DCGPDream Coding Grand Prix (gaming)
DCGPDivision of Corporate and Global Programs (Florida International University)
DCGPDakota County Green Party (Minnesota)
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The DCGP structure applies task distribution, parallelization, and double buffering to the CPU tasks of the CGP structure to improve the sequential processing on the CPU of the CGP.
The CGS, DCGS, CGP, and DCGP structures are based on heterogeneous computing, whereas CO utilizes only the CPU.
As shown in Tables 6 and 7, the structures using GPGPU, such as CGS, DCGS, CGP, and DCGP, achieved average CPU execution time reductions of 75.
Another observation is that the Gray-scaling algorithm was accelerated in the CGP and DCGP structures.
The collaborative DCGP model (Figure 5) of school H was a cross-grade integration.
Three PBL Collaborative Models Enabled by ICT Models Ways of collaboration Representing schools 1 SCGP Collaboration with Schools U & K classmates (same class, grade, and project) 2 DCGSP Collaboration with different School B grades (different class and grade, same project) 3 DCGP Collaboration with different School H grades and projects (different class, grade, and project) Table 4.
For every patient suspected of having dementia based on the DCGP guideline, the family physicians recorded their assessment findings, whether a close relative was available, the presence of dementia (yes, no, unsure), the final diagnosis, the number of contacts needed, and their actions taken to reach the diagnosis.
We chose to classify the 8 cases with family physicians' diagnoses "unsure" as dementia absent, as the DCGP guideline recommends a reluctant policy in such cases.