DCHCDefense Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Center (US DoD)
DCHCDerbyshire Children's Holiday Centre (UK)
DCHCDoctors Community Healthcare Corporation (est. 1992; Scottsdale, AZ)
DCHCDetroit Community Health Connection (Detroit, MI)
DCHCDigital Cultural Heritage Community (East Central Illinois museums, archives, and libraries)
DCHCDC Hardcore (music genre)
DCHCDubai Community Health Centre (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
DCHCDowntown Community Health Centre (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
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DCHC was established in 1986 and began commercial operations in 1990, becoming one of the most important container terminals in the Mediterranean Sea.
Paul Tuft then hired Redman as president and COO of DCHC in January 1999 after the company bought Michael Reese Medical Center in Chicago.
Michael Reese Medical Center, one of several distressed hospitals DCHC acquired, continued to lose money, and Redman was fired in September 2002 shortly before DCHC declared bankruptcy.
2 million, received $366,000 in loans from DCHC that were forgiven and another $300,000 in payments for chartered travel through Tuft-Redman Enterprises LLC.
Redman said the DCHC entanglement brings up painful memories because one reason he moved to Arizona was to get medical treatment for his wife at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.
TenniIle said the department couldn't release the report of Redman's vetting because it contained proprietary information, but AEDC was comfortable Redman's association with DCHC was not a hindrance to the investment.
DCHC then contacted the Redevelopment of Urban Sites (REUS) Action Team to determine how to cost effectively address potential environmental contamination at these parcels.
The state of Michigan entered into a Covenant Not To Sue with DCHC and the city of Detroit for contamination on the property in return for further investigation of the property and remediation of any identified hazardous liquids.
Another member of DCHC, Terry Trzaska, has a son, Michael, who is developmentally disabled and nonverbal.
DCHC is one of the largest container terminals in Egypt's Mediterranean side, with ongoing capacity expansion planned to cater to the increasing operational requirements of customers.
DCHC selected diesel-electric Kalmar E-One2 RTGs to facilitate the expansion of their operations as they considerably improve handling efficiency and lower operating costs.