DCHPDomestic Combined Heat and Power
DCHPDouglas County Housing Partnership (Lone Tree, CO)
DCHPDicesium Hexachloroplutonate
DCHPDumke College of Health Professions (Weber State University; Ogden, UT)
DCHPDefined Contribution Health Plan
DCHPDelayed Closure of the Hard Palate (orthodontics)
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All computers should be linked to the network, with a robust DCHP and plenty of IP addresses and Ethernet ports.
DCHP Appeals Disproportionately to People with Relatively High Income
The average income for employees who enrolled in DCHP (and responded to the survey) was 48 percent higher than the income for employees who did not enroll in DCHP ($71,406 versus $48,148) (Christianson, Parente, and Feldman 2004, Table 1, this issue).
There are two aspects of defined contribution pension plans that may also foreshadow trends in the DCHP market.
One major hurdle facing any form of DCHP is that the current tax code needs to mirror the retirement plan model.
In the latest study, the ministry said the umbilical cord of one of the five newborns showed 2,700 nanograms of DCHP per gram fat.
The DCHP in the four other newborns fell below measurable limits, it said.
DEHP was detected in 74% of food samples, including all seven infant food samples, whereas DCHP was detected in only 6% of food samples (Table 2).
006 Food Statistic BBzP DCHP DEHP DnOP Beverages Mean 0.
Mobile Automation 2000 Live Support for Pocket PC (which comes with Mobile Automation 2000 Enterprise Edition) allows remote control of Pocket PC devices from its management and web console, using unique smart device recognition technology to handle DCHP configured devices and cradled devices.
The low levels of MCHP found in this population may be due to low exposure to dicyclohexyl phthalate (DCHP), because DCHP is used infrequently in the United States.