DCHSDaviess County High School (Kentucky)
DCHSDowling Catholic High School (West Des Moines, IA)
DCHSDelaware County Historical Society (Ohio and Pennsylvania)
DCHSDublin Coffman High School
DCHSDeloitte Center for Health Solutions
DCHSDivine Child High School
DCHSDodge County High School (Eastman, GA)
DCHSDoddridge County High School (West Virginia)
DCHSDisciples of Christ Historical Society
DCHSDelmarva Christian High School (Georgetown, DE)
DCHSDavie County High School (Mocksville, NC)
DCHSDeep Creek High School (Virginia)
DCHSDeep Creek Hot Springs (San Bernardino National Forest; California)
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10,11] In the DCHS, urine cotinine measures were used to validate maternal self-reported smoking and exposure.
Prime said that its purchase agreement with DCHS was "far and away" the best offer for the hospitals, meeting every requirement set by the DCHS board of directors.
Marjory Ann Baez, chair of the DCHS board of directors, said the decision to sell the health system was "difficult.
Formal roll out to other DCHS Primary Care Internal Medicine and Family Practice clinics was completed by the summer of 2007.
During one of her DCHS fundraisers on January 7, Fashing was surprised by a visit from Hooters executives to officially notify her of her title and present her with the Hooters Girl of the Year sash.
LEADING MARKET POSITION: DCHS continues to maintain its dominant market position of 70% in its primary service area (PSA), which is improved from 68% in 2010.
Adequate Balance Sheet: At the current rating level, Fitch believes DCHS has sufficient financial cushion, as unrestricted cash and investments totaled $19.
DCHS, a regional health system comprised of six hospitals and medical centers spanning the California coast, will use the software as a service (SaaS) technology to manage patient insurance and demographic verification, process patient payments and prevent administrative inaccuracies.
DCHS will accept and consider the proposal or proposals which, in the estimation of DCHS, will best serve the interests of Deschutes County and reserves the right to award a contract to the proposer whose proposal is most advantageous to the County based upon the evaluation process, proposers submitted budget and timeline, and other evaluation factors contained within this RFP.
After completing facility construction in 2006, DCHS has a relatively low average age of plant of 8.
Separately, DCHS is considering an as needed level of community-based assessment to support RAP which is not part of this RFP.
On the revenue and volume front, DCHS recently instituted a hospitalist program that is designed to better support its employed primary care physicians and encourage referrals by providing enhanced medical management.