DCIDDirector of Central Intelligence Directive
DCIDDuke Center for International Development (Durham, NC)
DCIDDrum Corps in Deutschland (marching band; Germany)
DCIDDress, Cover, Interval and Distance (military formations)
DCIDDevelopment Change In Design
DCIDDetection and Correct Identification Delay
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In a recent, comprehensive review of almost all the published literature on the subject, Gregory Herek reports that DCID 1/14 seems to be applied differently by different government entities.
Integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software will enable mutual customers to achieve rapid ROI and gain immediate insight into their enterprise security posture while enabling compliance with several regulatory standards such as FISMA, FDCC and DCID.
Through a partnership with a third party auditing agency, the new facility has been designed from the ground up under strict DCID 6/9 (Director of Central Intelligence Directive) and TIA-942 (Telecommunications Industry Association) compliance to ensure swift government certification and accreditation.
With EnCase Information Assurance, government agencies can experience significant cost and time savings and enable compliance with critical mandates, such as FISMA and DCID 6/3.
The Data Diode Data Forwarding Application (DFA) was accredited under the DCID 6/3 Controlled Interface accreditation from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) together with Air Force Information Warfare Center (AFIWC) and Northrop Grumman.
DCID 6/3 (Director of Central Intelligence Directive) mandates that government organizations and contractors with access to classified information must consistently analyze system activity and retain event logs for five years.
Tenix's achievement of a DCID 6/3 Control Interface accreditation is a great example of vendors working with government to ensure that their solutions come with the Government's stamp of approval to transmit highly-sensitive information with efficiency and security.
During this Webinar, Dan Barahona, Director of Business Development, leverages his considerable experience with government regulations like NISPOM Chapter 8, DCID 6/3 and FISMA as well as with log management techniques and challenges to discuss current issues, best practices, and proven technologies facing government IT departments today.
SecureInfo Corporation is a market-proven provider of Information Assurance (IA) solutions, enabling Federal organizations to understand, document and mitigate information security risk; assure information systems are secure; reduce security costs and achieve and demonstrate compliance with NIST, DIACAP, DCID and FISMA requirements.
Furthermore, it supports organizations as they strive to maintain compliance with government mandates, such as FISMA and DCID 6/3, which require companies to store as much as five years of data on their systems.
The SELinux-based NetTop configuration has already been certified by NSA to run in DCID 6/3 PL4-rated environments.