DCIGDeutsche Cochlear Implant Gesellschaft (German: cochlear implant advocacy)
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The Nexsan UNITY6000 Hybrid Storage puts unified storage controllers in front of its high-density E-Series SAN storage arrays which support up to 100TB/RU and a maximum capacity of 5PB, said Jerome Wendt, lead analyst DCIG.
The DCIG report identifies the primary reasons why scale-out NAS is typically so costly: redundant disk controllers and complex clustering software.
According to the DCIG report, server virtualization is creating a new set of demands for ease and simplicity in managing and scaling storage capacity and performance that goes well beyond the bounds of what controller-based and clustered storage systems can provide.
The DCIG analysis, “In Storage Systems Under $5000 There IS a Difference,” written by Jerome Wendt, highlights how SMBs have been living with the limitations in their storage arrays for years.
The number one complaint we hear from end users is that there is no easy way to quickly compare and contrast key features and functions across a number of available solutions," said Jerome Wendt, co-author and founder, DCIG, LLC.
The STORServer EBA 3100, which represents a different tier of backup appliances than what other providers on the market currently offer, scored so highly overall that it fell outside of the two standard deviations that DCIG generally uses as a guideline for inclusion and exclusion of products.
For the Buyer's Guide, DCIG looked at more than 60 key features of more than 25 ECA software products from more than 20 leading companies.
DCIG evaluated 140 features on 66 tape libraries from eight storage vendors to develop the extensive buyer's guide.
The results from the Net Promoter Survey and the DCIG recognition further support ExaGrid's leadership position in the market.
We feel that DCIG recognizing our seven EX series products as Best-in-Class, Excellent, and Recommended in one Buyer's Guide is a testament to our delivering high performance appliances capable of supporting the most demanding and diverse customer environments.
SMBs more than ever need reliable data protection solutions with the ease of implementation and flexibility that Imation's RDX portfolio delivers," said Jerome Wendt, president and lead analyst at DCIG LLC.
For example, in the United States, reseller Aberdeen's AberSAN Z-Series scalable storage platform is powered by NexentaStor, and achieved the #1 overall ranking in the DCIG 2011 Small Enterprise Storage Array Buyer's Guide.