DCIIDefense Central Index of Investigations
DCIIDFAS Corporate Information Infrastructure
DCIIDefense Clearance Investigations Index
DCIIDefense Clearance and Investigation Index
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The DCII uses standard business language and data elements, applies consistent business rules, implements standard transactions that reflect improved business processes, performs standard edits using centrally managed Global Edit Tables, uses standard interface formats (for example, EDI), and maximizes the use of electronic commerce.
To maintain consistent color control, Xerox DocuColor customers can now utilize Cyclone DCII RIP with DTP32, which comes as a standard and integrated component.
Charles Lissenburg, vice president of marketing of Colorbus, said, "The combination of the DocuColor 40, Cyclone DCII, and the X-Rite DTP32 make this bundle a complete and professional solution to our customers.
We congratulate Colorbus on development of the Cyclone DCII solution.
All applications are considered for an interim secret or interim confidential clearance even though the PSQs reflect some derogatory information and the DCII referenced a prior file.
In August 2002, the Company entered into an agreement with DCII to relinquish its 49% interest in DCII over a four-year period in four equal installments commencing on July 1, 2003.
The value assigned to the subcontracting agreement representing the investment in DCII has been recorded as an intangible asset of $631,000, which is amortized over the four-year term of the subcontracting agreement on a straight-line basis and is recorded in cost of sales.
On this date, the Company relinquished joint control over DCII and effective July 1, 2003 the equity method was used to account for the Company's remaining 42% interest.
DSS normally limits DCII access to the Department of Defense and other federal agencies that have clearance, investigative and/or counter-intelligence missions.
V-ONE's security technology protects DCII communication at the highest level of encryption certified today by the U.
The DCII is a good example of how the Internet and solid VPN security improve the sharing of even the most sensitive information," said Margaret Grayson, president and CEO of V-ONE Corporation.