DCIIDefense Central Index of Investigations
DCIIDFAS Corporate Information Infrastructure
DCIIDefense Clearance Investigations Index
DCIIDefense Clearance and Investigation Index
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In DCII, the accuracy of the SI is influenced by illumination changes.
In the proposed algorithm, we adaptively select one of the two approaches, MCTI or DCII, for each macroblock.
The DCII uses standard business language and data elements, applies consistent business rules, implements standard transactions that reflect improved business processes, performs standard edits using centrally managed Global Edit Tables, uses standard interface formats (for example, EDI), and maximizes the use of electronic commerce.
To maintain consistent color control, Xerox DocuColor customers can now utilize Cyclone DCII RIP with DTP32, which comes as a standard and integrated component.
Charles Lissenburg, vice president of marketing of Colorbus, said, "The combination of the DocuColor 40, Cyclone DCII, and the X-Rite DTP32 make this bundle a complete and professional solution to our customers."
"We congratulate Colorbus on development of the Cyclone DCII solution.
Applications are considered for an interim secret or interim confidential clearance provided the PSQs reflect only favorable information, and, in instances where a record of prior investigation was referenced in the DCII, a review of the information is conducted to determine if an interim clearance could be granted.
All applications are considered for an interim secret or interim confidential clearance even though the PSQs reflect some derogatory information and the DCII referenced a prior file.
Aucune n'est plus troublante que celle de la nuit DCII, magique entre toutes les nuits.