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DCISDuctal Carcinoma In Situ (form of non-invasive breast cancer)
DCISDesign of Circuits and Integrated Systems (Portugal)
DCISData Consumer Interface Subsystem
DCISDesign and Construction Information System (Texas)
DCISDefense Criminal Investigative Services (US DoD)
DCISDepartment of Consumer and Industry Services
DCISDestination Common Channel Signaling System (4ESS)
DCISData Call-In Staff
DCISDot Com International Solutions
DCISDECA Commissary Information System
DCISDedicated Communications Interface Server
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Outcome After Local Invasive Recurrence: The Impact of Original Diagnosis of DCIS Versus Invasive Cancer.
8) Previous South African series conducted in the private health sector, where some breast cancer screening is practised, demonstrated an isolated DCIS rate of 11.
An unnecessary sentinel lymph node biopsy was performed in 2 cases of DCIS involving sclerosing adenosis mistaken for invasive carcinoma.
Although patients with pure EPC have an excellent prognosis; disease free survival in case of associated DCIS and/or invasive carcinoma remains controversial.
Narod, of the research institute at Women's College Hospital in Toronto, told the Times that after a biopsy to remove the abnormal cells, "the best way to treat DCIS is to do nothing.
The practical mission of the battalion is to prepare for operations and deploy to engineer, install, operate and maintain NATO DCIS; activate and establish a Signal Support Group to provide command and control of all NATO DCIS assets in theater; manage the network; and to provide sustainment to all NATO CIS assets.
Likewise, mastectomy, when compared with lumpectomy, offers no survival benefit and does not represent appropriate therapy for most women with small, unifocal DCIS.
The final histopathology showed, benign intra- ductal papilloma 13(36%), duct ectasia 18(50%), DCIS 1 (2.
Lesions classified as DCIS presented proliferation of monomorphic cells with regular distribution, and hyperchromatic nuclei forming regular secondary, rounded, and uniform lumens.
DCIS means that cells inside some of the ducts of the breast have started to turn into cancer cells.
The Oncotype DX DCIS Breast Cancer Test is also appropriate for women with newly diagnosed pre-invasive or Ductal Carcinoma in Situ of the Breast (DCIS) who are treated with local excision, with or without adjuvant tamoxifen therapy.
DCIS now accounts for about 20%-25% of all newly diagnosed cases of breast cancer in the US and 17%-34% of cases detected by mammographic screening (3, 4).