DCJDrum Corps Japan (Japan marching band)
DCJDistribution Challandaise de Journaux (French newspaper distribution company)
DCJDixieland Combo Jazz (France)
DCJDeputy Chief Justice
DCJDistrict Chief Judge (Toastmasters)
DCJData Center Journal (Alpharetta, GA)
DCJDepartment of Criminal Justice
DCJDallas County Jail (Texas)
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In the last two years, we have added innovations to the DCJ itself.
Abbreviations: bp, base pair; DCJ, double-cut-and-join; LCB, locally collinear block; ORF, open reading frame.
117) Unreported, District Court of Western Australia, Martino DCJ, 27 November 2012 ('Loo').
At 2:15 in the video below you can see the DCJ in action, inside a modern ultrabook laptop.
121) After acknowledging that a registration of the marriage in Thailand had been physically possible, (122) Faulks DCJ opined that Ms Nygh had had a conscientious objection to registering the marriage in Thailand due to her firmly held belief that the ensuing consequences under Thai law involved discrimination against women.
Your free DCJ magazine subscription will contain resources and information that are essential to the data center industry.
Vissers DCJ, Voeten HA, Nagelkerke NJD, Habbema JD, de Vlas SJ.
DCJ Minto Peach Place Fairwater, Cardiff MEMORIES of Ninian Park should include, undoubtedly, the visit of Pope John Paul II to the ground on June 2, 1982.
Distances are measured in the number of operations (reversals, block transposition, DCJ or combinations) needed to transform one permutation into another.
Hippuric acid, isomers of salicyluric were the dihydroxybenzonic and quecetin glucuronide were the main metablites acids, detected in urine, but caused no pH lowering Design: Influence of 8 weeks consumption of DCJ in 65 healthy young women determined on antioxidant status.
11) In O'Callaghan v Loder, for example, Mathews DCJ treated the term as 'requiring that a complainant has been placed under a disadvantage in comparison with employees of the opposite sex'.
Austin DJ, Bonten MJM, Weinstein RA, Slaughter S, Bergmans DCJ, Stobberingh EE, et al.