DCKDeoxycytidine Kinase (enzyme)
DCKDual Channel Kit
DCKDerived Chiper Key
DCKDemocratic Choice of Kazakhstan (a reformist movement in Kazakhstan)
DCKDeath Cube K (Buckethead album)
DCKData Center Knowledge (Lawrenceville, NJ)
DCKDansk Caravan Klub (Danish: Danish Caravan Club)
DCKDanièle-Christine Kremer (jewelry company; Luxembourg)
DCKDoom Construction Kit (online gaming)
DCKDansk Citroën Klub (Danish car club)
DCKDungey Carter Ketterer Pty. Ltd. (real estate firm; Australia)
DCKDatabase Customisation Kit (Agilent)
DCKDatabase Connection Kit (software)
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Delegations of Dow University of Health Sciences, IBA, ABAD (Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan) and DEFCLAREA visited DCK and spent a busy time there.
In early 2017, officials from DCK across the highway began to pay regular visits, pressing them to give up their land, carrying out surveys of the area and marking the boundaries of the housing project.
Project Director DCK Brig A(r) Mohammad Rafique welcomed the delegates comprising eminent scholars and engineers from leading universities of the world including Turkey, Malaysia, UK, Brazil, Thailand and Egypt to DHA City.
Earlier Director DCK said that ICT infrastructure will also be used for management of urban requirements of Smart City like surveillance, disaster management and egovernance.
He termed DCK as the first planned sustainable and green city of Pakistan.
DCK is likely to emerge as a 'model city' of 21st century in Pakistan.
9] Genes: luxA, alkanal monooxygenase subunit alpha; luxB, alkanal monooxygenase subunit beta; luxC, fatty acid reductase; luxD, acyl transferase; luxE, acyl-protein synthetase (long-chain-fatty-acid-luciferin-component ligase); cdd, cytidine/deoxycytidine deaminase; pyrE, orotate phosphoribosyltransferase; DCK, deoxycytidine kinase.
I moved to London with no job and no money, but within a couple of weeks I'd landed interviews with DCK Concessions and with Jaeger in their buying departments," she explains.
DHA officials contend that as it is the Sindh government that has allotted them the land for DCK, it absolves them of responsibility for the farmers' plight.
Sector-3 is the vanguard sector of DCK where infrastructure/sector development work has been completed as per the highest standards of construction, a DHA official maintained.
Laura Munro, 21, left, of Hartlepool, wears an electric blue Warehouse dress, pounds 60; ankle strapped Miss Selfridge shoes, pounds 40; DCK Topshop ring, pounds 10; DCK Topshop bracelet, pounds 12 and waist cinching belt, pounds 15, from Miss Selfridge.
Antler is the latest in a series of investments Barclays Private Equity has made in the luxury goods sector, after involvements with Hobbs, DCK Concessions, Frank Thomas and Salter Housewares, which was sold in April.