DCLEDiploma in Civil Engineering (India)
DCLEData Conversion Language Engine
DCLEDesign Criteria for Logistics Elements
DCLEDhaka Centre for Law and Economics (Bangladesh)
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4 of the DCLE Engine promotes painless migration of legacy data sources such as mainframe VSAM and QSAM files.
The DCLE migration solution is priced from $35,000 for the Windows NT version.
The company's breakthrough DCLE Engine simplifies the data migration task associated with application conversions, data warehousing and a myriad of other specialized data migration tasks, such as conversion of databases to conform with the Year 2000, and migrating data to Web sites.
The DCLE Engine has been proven to reduce the time and cost of data migration by up to 90% when compared to traditional methods.
Combined with the enormous market opportunity and the technical strength of a breakthrough product like DCLE, Reliant is poised for huge success.
DCLE can reduce the time and cost of data migration by up to 90% when compared to traditional methods.
Note to Editors: DCLE is a trademark of Reliant Data Systems.
DCLE is a multi-user, object-oriented, platform-independent and database-independent tool that allows users to convert data from virtually any format and platform to virtually any other format and platform.
The sophisticated DCLE conversion engine is responsible for executing the actual migration process.
By eliminating the need for custom programming that historically has been needed to complete such tasks, DCLE dramatically reduces the time and costs associated with the data migration component of a major IT project, and in doing so, simplifies the overall project.
TSR recently expanded their customer service offering by deploying a new central reservation system, using the DCLE migration tool to transfer data to the new architecture.
The DCLE engine has allowed us to migrate each hotel's booking and inventory records from the old legacy system to this new system in a matter of days rather than weeks.