DCLGDepartment for Communities and Local Government (UK Government department, successor to ODPM)
DCLGDirector's Consumer Liaison Group (US NCI)
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A DCLG spokesman said an extension to the consultation period is expected to be granted Ministers want to build ten eco-towns with energy efficient homes to relieve Britain's housing shortage, with five being built by 2016 and a further five by 2020.
In order to do this, DCLG needs access to specialist advice as part of the Government~s risk assessment process, and immediate advice on the impacts of earthquakes as soon as they happen.
Howard Archer, UK economist at IHS Global Insight, said: "It should be noted that the DCLG provides lagging evidence on house prices as the office calculates its index at the time when mortgages are completed.
The Journal contacted the DCLG for a contact, but did not receive a comment before we went to press.
The DCLG says the difference between its findings and those of lenders arises partly because its numbers are based on completed home deals, while mortgage lenders track offers of home loans and are therefore more up to date.
A DCLG spokesman said: "The local government finance settlement is due shortly and will be announced in a statement to Parliament.
DCLG guidance states that appointments should be made before inspections, but also encourages councils to carry out "spot checks" on people claiming the SPD.
Howard Archer, chief UK and European economist at Global Insight, said: "The DCLG data indicates that the housing market is proving resilient to higher interest rates.
During that time, I've been fortunate to draw on the enormous support of colleagues in DCLG and across Whitehall as well as the network of friends and contacts in local government where I'm best known.
Howard Archer, UK and European economist at consultants Global Insight, pointed out the DCLG provides "lagging evidence" of trends in the housing market and refused to be reassured by its findings.
In the plan, the DCLG said the first mayors would be elected in each of England's 12 largest cities from 2012 "subject to confirmatory referenda and full scrutiny by elected councillors".
The organisation has been asked by DCLG for its views following an application by British Land to grant a certificate of immunity from listing - effectively granting a fiveyear breathing space to allow demolition of the NatWest Tower to take place.