DCLKDoubleclick Inc. (stock abbreviation, AMEX)
DCLKDeputy Clerk
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While players like Google could negatively impact DCLK`s ad serving business some at the margin, DCLK has been moving for the past few years now (organically and via acquisitions) to layer additional tools and services (analytics, campaign tracking, data management etc) around its DART product and to diversify its revenue streams.
Bottomline, DCLK is of course competing in a competitive and growing space and could fumble the ball further (i.
At its current valuation, Bill and Matt think DCLK is simply too cheap to pass up for accounts looking for a moderate long term growth story (15-25% per year) with a favorable risk/reward profile.
What's more, DCLK has underperformed its peers in the CBOE Internet Index (INX) since March.