DCLSDivision of Consolidated Laboratory Services (Virginia Department of General Services)
DCLSDauphin County Library System (Pennsylvania)
DCLSDelaware County Library System (Media, PA)
DCLSData Collection and Location System
DCLSDirect Current Level Shift
DCLSDepartmentul de Comunicare si Limbi Straine (Romania)
DCLSDarwin Community Legal Service (Australia)
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DCLS staff performed pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) testing on all 4 isolates.
Of the six stool samples submitted to DCLS, three were positive for Norwalk-like virus, and one was positive for Campylobacter jejuni.
When things blow up, we're in a very uncomfortable position,'' said Randy Pacheco, who heads one of the three DCLS firms.
The ASCLS, through the DCLS Committee, continues to develop and implement educational programs for the DCLS accessible nationally and for the entire international community.
With the design and implementation of the DCLS, the clinical laboratory science profession has claimed and accepted responsibility for the quality of the information provided by the clinical laboratory and for assuring its effective use in patient care.
Tables 3 through 7 summarize examples of content addressing DCLS competencies and curricular areas.
A group of educators planning to implement DCLS degrees at their institutions will meet after the Clinical Laboratory Educators' Conference in Savannah, Georgia, February 23-24, 2008.
Educational program standards for the DCLS are available from NAACLS.
1503(d) generally disallows DCLS of such DRCs from being used to offset income of any other affiliated U.
The PDTF also has been instrumental in the coalescing of a national perspective and "vision" of the practice of the DCLS and its impact on healthcare delivery through multiple presentations, collaborations with NAACLS and other professional organizations, and communications in the professional literature.
A possible grouping of elements defining our present healthcare environment vis-a-vis the DCLS can be comprised of (1) rapid technological expansion within the clinical laboratory, (1) (2) the current complex regulatory and financial environment for healthcare delivery, (1) and (3) emergence of an "advanced practice" or "advanced degree" construct in many professions.