DCLSDivision of Consolidated Laboratory Services (Virginia Department of General Services)
DCLSDauphin County Library System (Pennsylvania)
DCLSDelaware County Library System (Media, PA)
DCLSData Collection and Location System
DCLSDirect Current Level Shift
DCLSDepartmentul de Comunicare si Limbi Straine (Romania)
DCLSDarwin Community Legal Service (Australia)
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After DCLS confirmed the rabies diagnosis, the Virginia Department of Health, the New Jersey Department of Health, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and CDC initiated human and domestic animal rabies exposure assessments associated with the entire animal shipment.
DCLS staff performed pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) testing on all 4 isolates.
Of the six stool samples submitted to DCLS, three were positive for Norwalk-like virus, and one was positive for Campylobacter jejuni.
When things blow up, we're in a very uncomfortable position,'' said Randy Pacheco, who heads one of the three DCLS firms.
For a more in-depth look at these options and to find out how DCLS has set up the software to run its many administrative tasks, read the article.
Data from the transmitters were relayed via the ARGOS DCLS system (Service Argos Inc.
Award of Merit Jon Chretien, Jerry Smith Information Experts DCLS Sales Presentation Electronic, Online & Interactive - Multimedia Presentations-Marketing 88.
A mandatory pre-bid conference will be held at the DCLS Biotech Building, 600 North 5th Street Richmond, VA starting at 10:00 a.
Since utilization of laboratory information is foundational to the practice of all other healthcare providers, the DCLS will coordinate the integration of laboratory services as needed into the practices of other healthcare professionals and for the direct management of patients.
When sufficient numbers of signals were received during a satellite pass, the ARGOS DCLS estimated the position of the tag and assessed the quality of that estimate.
Although the directory continued to be used by the nine DCLS branches and 24 district libraries, it was never updated.