DCMCDefense Contract Management Command
DCMCDarebin Creek Management Committee (Australia)
DCMCDeputy Chairman Military Committee
DCMCDesperado Crash Mambo Combo (fictional band; Mother 3)
DCMCOffice of Deputy Chairman, Military Committee (US DoD)
DCMCDirect Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity
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The work involves turnkey construction for supply and laying of UG cable for 220 kV DCMC Uran-Kharghar line 12 km route length (with one spare cable length) along with dismantling of 220 kV DCMC Urban-Kharghar OH line-12 km under Vashi zone.
In women who delivered in the DCMC, Hb estimation was done and birth weights were recorded.
The DCMC also focused on improved delivery of services, but did so by radically changing the manner in which the delivering organizations performed those services.
Tenders are invited for Construction for laying of UG cable for 220kV DCMC Uran - Kharghar line 12 Kms route length (with one spare cable length) along with dismantling of 220kV DCMC Urban Kharghar O.
One of the implementing taskings of the report was for component acquisition executives to "share advance planning information between buying activities, program offices and DCMC and ensure that buying activities give consideration to the DCMC liaison officer as a member of their procurement planning committees and provide access to the acquisition planning processes.
The Contract Management course (SAM-CT) is a limited onsite course specifically designed to provide an overview of security cooperation information for DCMC personnel.
You have been the focal point in leading your firm to becoming one of DCMC Philadelphia's most successful Small and Disadvantaged Business Program sponsors," Col.
DCMC questioned Magna's financial stress and delinquency in paying vendors; it also identified Ayeone as the source of tHe fixtures, jigs, and tools, as well as of all three employees.
Contract administration services provided through these kinds of contracts represent about 13 percent of the overall DCMC budget.
power cable trench under duct for proposed cable rout A-B C%-D-E and F-G-H for diversion/shifting of 220 kV DCMC Uran-Khargar (A-H Section) Over Head lines into underground cable from the area of Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) under DDF (ORC)
Her awards and honors include an Award of Excellence from DCMC Pittsburgh, for her work as an SBLO on federal contracts during her employment with Bombardier and placement on the Commandant's List at the Defense Acquisition University in Richmond, Virginia.
Tenders are invited for Construction for Diversion / Shifting of 220 kV DCMC Uran-Kharghar Over Head line (section A-H- 5.